How Long Do Watering Globes Last and How Do They Work

How long do watering globes last and how do they work

Are you a gardener with a busy work schedule? Most times, work gets in the way, and you find yourself with less time to do even the simple routine care for your plants. Worry not! There are watering globes, aqua globes, or watering spikes to help you feed your plants with water even when you are not around. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

But, what are watering globes, you ask? They are just like the ordinary globes, but these have long and narrow necks/spikes. Amazingly, they add oomph to your garden since they come in a variety of colors.

Nobody wants to come back to dead plants. So before leaving your plants alone, ask yourself, do watering globes work? Read on.

Do Watering Globes Work?

Just by looking at them, you would wonder how they work and assume that they are merely ornamental. Though, manufacturers claim that by filling the globes with water and inserting them into the soil, they can last for about 7-14 days.

You can use the watering globes all the time hence reducing the frequency of manually watering your plants. They moisturize your plants using a basic controlled system. How? When the soil dries up, it releases oxygen into the globe. The oxygen pushes the water downwards into the plant system. The aqua globe gives steady trickles of water over time, just as the plant needs. This method is simple, but sure.

Not only will the worries of watering your plants while away fade, but also you are sure that the soil will be intact with constant moisture. This is essential for those delicate plants and cannot survive even a day without water as they will wilt and die. But now, they can enjoy life with the watering spikes serving that purpose.

While there may be other controlled watering options, watering spikes are cheaply available, simple to set up and use. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to always come back to a beautiful garden?

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How Long Do Watering Globes Last?

As attractive as they may be, they aren’t always perfect. Taking the manufacturers’ word for it, the watering globes may last more or less than two weeks. The duration is reliant on many factors. So before hitting the road, you have to put a lot into considerations. Read on.

The type of soil highly determines how long the water will last in the aqua globes for starters. Does your soil retain or drain water quickly? For the soil that retains moisture, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing that your plant is safe. But in the latter case, you should consider another option for controlled watering as this will need a constant refill of the watering spikes.

Again, the climatic condition matters. Generally, during summer or dry winter seasons, plants tend to take in a lot of water over a short time. Therefore, if you will not be around for a more extended period, the chances of coming back to dead plants are very high. In such times, watering globes need regular refilling. What’s more?

The size of the watering globe and the spike’s opening play a significant role in determining how long the water will last. Of course, the bigger the globe and the smaller the opening means, the longer the water will be available for your plants. Be cautious to check for such features when buying the aqua globes.

Moreover, the type of plant is a vital determinant of water duration in a watering globe. Does your plant guzzle water, or is it a low drinker? Defining this will help you know if the watering globes are an ideal option for the duration you will be away. 

It will help you understand how long the water will last.

Lastly, the point of insertion also plays a significant role. Having the exact point of insertion of the watering globe every time is near to impossible. Sometimes you can insert it deeper, other times shallow. The variance will determine how long the water will last in the globe.

Caring for your plants while away can be challenging, but once you put all the above into considerations, you can be sure to enjoy a maximum of 3 weeks away from your plant.

How To Use Watering Globes Properly?

Are you looking to hire a rescue agent for your plants while you are away? Buy a watering globe, and you will have all the stress fade away. However, bear in mind that for significant results, you need to use the watering spikes properly. Read on.

With the ideal size of the watering globe for your plants, fill it with water. Use your finger to dig a small hole at an angle and create a point of insertion into the soil. Digging the hole helps reduce the amount of soil jamming up the neck as you push in the aqua globe. Invert the watering globe, directing the long neck into the ground on the point of insertion. Push it deep and careful not to break the neck until it is stable.

You will immediately notice a small amount of water escaping through the neck, but it will stabilize soon and have a controlled emptying of water.

At the outset, the soil at the entrance to the opening will restrain the speed at which water leaves the watering globe. Then, the water exiting the globe will inhibit air from getting into the neck of the globe. If the air doesn’t displace the water, the water will be incapable of leaving, forming a weak vacuum. But once the soil around the neck of the globe dries, air will enter the globe and dispense a little amount of the water, until it reinstates steadiness. 

Watering globes require frequent cleaning. Once the watering globe is empty, pull it out gently and clean before refilling. Use a toothpick or a long thin stick to push out any soil in the neck of the globe as you clean. Refill and insert it back in the ground.

Can You Use Watering Globes For Outdoor Plants?

Generally, watering globes are ideal for indoor plants since they need a constant water supply, unlike outdoor plants that can get water from rain. However, no need to move your outdoor plants inside while away; thus, you can use watering globes on them as well.

Though for outdoor plants, you will need to frequently refill the water as the sun tends to dry the plants quickly hence using more water. Also, not all outdoor plants require a watering globe. Plants such as succulents don’t need a constant water supply thus won’t need an aqua globe.

An essential feature of watering globes is that they act as beautifiers. Therefore, it will be hard to maintain this feature while you are away more often because the globes will get dirty more often. There are dust and debris outside more than inside; hence the globes are getting dirty and unattractive. Also, since watering globes are delicate, the risks of strong winds and heavy rains are high.

If you decide to use watering globes on outdoor plants, you need to be around and observant of all the plants.

DIY Watering Globes

Being cheap doesn’t mean you can’t save the few coins. Luckily, watering globes can be a DIY project and have even your children participate in making them. The good thing about DIY projects is that you can have them advanced to your specifications, unlike what you buy over the counter. So in this case, you can have the watering globes bigger than what is available in the market. You also save the time you would rush to the store to buy one, get an empty bottle from your house, and get down to business.

For DIY watering globes, you can use wine bottles, plastic bottles, or even beer bottles.

What you will need;

  • Bottle with a lid
  • Nail
  • Candle
  • Lighter/match


  1. Kindle the candle using the lighter or match.
  2. Using the candle flame, heat the tip of the nail till it’s scalding. The hot nail will easily make small holes through the plastic bottle.
  3. Prod like five holes around the neckline of the bottle.
  4. Fill up the bottle with water.
  5. Fasten the cap on tightly and invert the bottle.
  6. Cap first, push the bottle into the plant soil.

Wine bottles with a cork (plastic or regular) are ideal for making watering globes for large plants. In this case, use a nail and hammer to gently make a hole through the cork, careful not to break the bottle’s neck.

TipMake small holes that will trickle water in small amounts. Large holes will overwater the plant hence negatively affect the plant and soil.

Parting Shot

Using a controlled watering system should only be for a short time when you are away. Watering globes should not replace the care you ought to give your plants. If you decide to have plants, whether indoor or outdoor, always take time and pay attention to them.

Overall, watering globes are great and cost-effective plant nannies.