Jetsetter Tomato Review

Jetsetter Tomato Review

Loved for their ability to fight diseases, Jetsetter tomatoes are a favorite for most farmers. Grown organically, this tomato yields greatly and can be suitable for growing both commercial and home-use tomatoes. In this Jetsetter tomato review, I will explain what this tomato variety is, its growing requirements, and what it is best used for.

Worth knowing, though, is that jetsetter sets itself apart due to its global tomato fruit size. 

Also, Jetsetter, which is a hybrid tomato, grows up to 8 Oz. But, some farmers have reported harvesting 15 Oz tomatoes. Jetsetter tomatoes can be sliced and canned for storage. Since Jetsetter is one of the best tomatoes for salads and sandwiches, it is one of the sweetest, best-tasting tomatoes. 

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What Is A Jetsetter Tomato?

Jetsetter tomatoes are tomatoes commonly used in making sandwiches and salads due to their flavourful juice, which is incredibly sweet. Most farmers love it due to its early yields, which are also plentiful.

Jetsetter Tomato Review

Jetsetter yields large 8 oz. tomatoes that are not only smooth to the touch but are also global in shape and highly resistant to diseases.  

Though the plant produces a firm juice that is irresistible, you need to plant it under favorable conditions.

For example, the plant yields best under full sunlight. So, plant it in areas that have six or more hours of direct sunlight. This also means that you should ensure that the soil is moist to avoid cases of the plant becoming dehydrated. To ensure that the fruits are not touching the ground, it would be best to support the plant using a cage, netting, or stake support. 

For great yields, plant the jetsetter tomato in zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11, and apply fertilizer when you first transplant it. Apply the fertilizer again after every 3 or 4 weeks. Repeat this schedule until harvest time. 

Are Jetsetter Tomatoes Hybrid?

Yes, Jetsettter tomatoes are hybrid. When mature, these tomatoes are 4 feet tall. On the other hand, they spread up to 18 inches wide. Taking only 75 days to fully grow and featuring a green foliage color, Jetsetter tomatoes successfully resist the following: 

  • Nematode: If you are growing tomatoes in an area that was previously planted tomatoes or other nematode-attracting plants, it is likely your tomatoes will be infected by this disease. To survive, the root-knot nematodes feed on all the nutrients that are getting to your tomatoes through the root system. 
  • Verticillium Wilt (V): If you notice that your tomatoes have sadly slowed down in their growth rate, it is likely Verticillium Wilt (V) has affected them. Before then, you may see some leaves beginning to become yellow while others may begin to wither and fall. Upon further infection by the disease, necrotic tissue may start to develop. 
  • Anthracnose (A): Upon infection by this disease, tomato tissues start to wither and wilt and eventually dye. The most common parts attacked by this disease are the shoots (at their development stage, and leaves. 
  • Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV): God forbid that your tomatoes may get infected by this disease. Not only does it lower the yields, but it also affects the tomato quality! It is characterized by systemic mosaic symptoms. 
  • Fusarium Wilt: Here is another disease you do not wish to see in your tomatoes. And here is why. There is no known measure you can take to fully control or prevent this disease. If anything, the only sure way of preventing further infection to other tomatoes is by removing and throwing away the affected tomato plant. Sadly, once this disease infects a farm, you may have to change the soil before planting tomatoes again, lest you encounter the same challenge.  

Which Tomato Type Is Best?

Considering that the Jetsetter tomato review shows that this is a sweet variety, it’s ideal for tomato salads.

But this does not mean it tops the list.

The sweetest, best-tasting tomato is golden sweet. It is resistant to cracks. Besides, it is also firm. Not to mention, it is also meaty, and you will easily tell a meal that has its flavor. This fruit, which is characterized by a deep yellow color, weighs about 15 to 20 gm when fully grown.

It is resistant to leaf mold as well as Fusarium wilt (race 1), so it is great for kitchen (indoor) gardening. 

Other sweet best, tasting tomatoes include:

  • Supersweet 100
  • Sun gold
  • Matt’s wild cherry
  • Fantastico
  • Candyland red
  • Isis Candy
  • Sunpeach
  • Favorita
  • Sun sugar

What Is The Sweetest Best-Tasting Tomato?

I never knew that there were so many tomato varieties until most recently. This leaves anyone wondering which tomato is best?

It is easy to determine the best tomato based on its sweetness, which is usually a combination of sugars and acidity. Based on the Brix rating, you can tell which is the sweetest tomato. 

The sweetest tomatoes are said to have a rating of about 4.5. Some may go up to 6, which is an incredibly high level of sweetness. 

Even so, there is an allowance, so tomatoes with a rating of anything between 3.5 and 5.5 are still considered sweet.

So, which are the sweetest, best-tasting tomatoes to grow?

  • Sungold Tomatoes
  • Apero Tomatoes
  • Rosada Tomatoes 
  • Floridity Tomatoes
  • Sakura Tomatoes

Which Heirloom Tomato Is Best?

There is no one answer to which is the best heirloom tomato because different farmers have different needs. One heirloom tomato farmer could refer to a certain variety as best because it grows fast, while another would say it is best because it is easy to grow.

But, I’m here to answer both you and the ‘next-door’ farmer.  The best heirloom tomato to grow based on productivity is the beauty tomato. Taking only 78 days to reach harvest season, beauty heirloom tomato produces fruits weighing about one pound. This variety is massively productive and is ideal for farmers looking for high tomato yields. 

There are many easy heirloom tomatoes to grow today. So, whether you are a commercial or just a fun tomato farmer who wants to grow tomatoes on the balcony, any of the heirloom tomatoes listed below are easy to grow and care for. 

  • Cherokee Purple
  • Aunt Ruby’s German Green
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast
  • Reisetomate
  • Japanese Black Trifele
  • Pineapple
  • Garden Peach
  • Brandywine
  • Henderson’s Ponderosa Pink Large

On the other hand, the most disease-resistant heirloom tomato to grow is Margold. This tomato variety is resistant to phenomenal tomato disease. Do not forget that it is resistant to tomato leaf mold, too. 

Worth noting, though, is that all heirloom tomatoes do not taste the same. Especially the hybrid tomatoes, these tomatoes have a far better taste than ordinary heirloom tomatoes. 

Besides, the heirloom colors also differ from one variety to another. 

Jetsetter Tomato Review FAQs

Is Jet Star A Good Canning Tomato?

Absolutely, the jet star is a good canning tomato. Besides, you can either can it sliced or whole. Nonetheless, as a safety measure, it is recommended that you add citric acid to your tomatoes when canning them. Else, add lemon juice, recommends the USDA

What Are Jet Star Tomatoes Good For?

If you are just learning about the jet star, you probably wonder what is so unique about it. Well, jet start tomato is not only good for canning but also for sandwiches and salads. Besides, for farmers who prefer large-growing tomatoes, the jet star will win your heart. 

This global-shaped, highly flavored with great taste tomato will attract you to its growing place, and you are likely to find only a few cracks even when it is fully matured. 

What Is The Best Sandwich Tomato?

Though brandywine is said to be the best sandwich tomato to plant, nearly all tomatoes that have a high brix rate are good for sandwiches. From today’s jetsetter review, we see that this is inclusive of the jetsetter variety. Even so, brandywine, which may assume a black, red, or yellow color, seems to top the list of the best sandwich tomatoes. Its original variety, though, is pink in color, and it grows to a large size. 

Other varieties include:

  • Black Krim
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Beefsteak
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Green Zebra

While the above are on my list, it is worth noting that different people have different likings when it comes to taste. So, you can add to the list or subtract based on your taste preferences. 

Closing Shot

Not only does this jetsetter tomato review discuss this particular tomato variety, but it also discusses other varieties, just in case you need to grow them.

Nevertheless, it is clear that jetsetter tomato is a good variety that has high yields. What’s more? It is ideal for your sandwiches. Plus, it is possible to can it, too.

Besides, since it resists most tomato diseases effectively, you can be sure of a bountiful harvest. Not to mention, if you grow this variety under conducive conditions, the harvest can shoot. Besides, some farmers have harvested 15 Oz tomatoes. It is possible. 

Plus, it is less costly to grow and care for tomatoes that are rarely affected by tomato diseases. Have you planted jetsetter in the past? What is your experience?