7 Successful Remedies to Fix Aloe Vera Plant Root Rot

Aloe Vera Plant Root Rot

Planting aloe vera in your garden is a good idea if you want to enhance the beauty of your garden and yourself. But what to do if you are facing aloe vera plant root rot frequently?

It usually happens in the areas where there is plenty of water, and this excessive water causes rotting to the roots of the aloe vera plant. Don’t know what root rot is? Let me explain to you the basics of root rot before telling you how to save your plant from it. 

Root rot is a fungal infection caused by some pathogens. These pathogens are most likely to develop in damp and watery areas, so overwatering may cause to develop root rot in the plants. 

The roots usually become black or brown and very thin, unable to absorb the nutrients from the soil, which can ultimately lead the plant to death. 

So, if you are serious about solving the issue of rotting, continue reading this article to find a quick solution to root rot.

How to Prevent Aloe Vera Plant Root Rot

There are remedies you can follow to save your plant from root rot.

Don’t Overwater 

Regulating the water cycle is the most effective remedy if you see any signs of root rot in your plant. As a succulent, aloe vera plant doesn’t need a lot of water. You must check the moisture in the soil before re-watering your aloe and re-water only when it is dry.

Lessen the frequency of water in winter because it can lead the roots to rot.

Check the Density of the Soil

It is a tricky remedy because if you reduce the watering and have not considered the compactness of the soil as a danger, you may have put your plant’s life in the danger zone. The compact soil has more capacity to gather the water around the plant, which can lead to root rot.

Ensure that the soil is loose so the water can not gather around the plant to take it out of the danger of rotting.

Repotting the Plant Can Work

One of the reasons to root rot is the size of your pot, which causes the roots to bundle together and eventually lead them to rot. The plant pot must also have a hole to release the extra water because if the water stays in, it can become the reason for root rot.

So, it is a recommendation to use a bigger pot or plant the aloe on the earth. Make sure to have a drainage hole to make the soil drainage possible for the healthy growth of the plant.

Sunbath is Mandatory

The aloe vera plant root rot has an easy cure; by providing enough sunlight to the plant, which will make the soil dry instantly, and thus, you can revive the health of your plant. 

If your plant is outdoor, make sure it is not under full shade; partial shade or sunny is a better idea for healthy growth. But if your plant is indoors, you must arrange for at least six hours of sunlight exposure to the plant if you want to save it from root rot. Place the pot outdoor for some time or put it in a window facing sunlight.

Maintain Temperature

The aloe vera plant is happy in somewhat high temperature, from 55 degrees up to 80 degrees F is the ideal temperature for it. The low temperature is also one such factor to causes aloe vera plant root rot, particularly in cold areas. 

So, to save your plant, it is a suggestion to grow it in a pot so you can place it indoors to cope with the damage caused by low temperature.

Cut the Affected Roots 

If you see your plant dying because of root rot, one thing you can do to save it is cutting the affected roots so the rest of the healthy ones may not get damage.

Fertilize Your Aloe Plant

Unhealthy aloe roots have more danger to rotting than healthy roots, so providing an organic fertilizer can make the situation better in fighting root rot. But if your plant has become the victim of root rot, it is better to remove all the organic mulch to save the plant from further damage.

Now that we have discussed many ways to get rid of aloe vera plant root rot, some other questions need answers if you want to solve the rot issue immediately to avoid the death of the plant.

How to find the signs of root rot in your aloe plant?

It is key to success to identify immediately when your plant has got root rotting to fix it as soon as possible because any delay can bring death to the plan.

 So, here are the main signs of root rot in the plant to help you find and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Aloe Vera Plant Root Rot VS Healthy Roots

A close examination of roots can tell you that it is root rot or some other problem.

The rotten roots are pulpy and lifeless. They are no longer the part of the plant, which you can notice when you take the plant in your hand that they fall on the ground. On the other hand, healthy roots never fall off the ground. 

The color of the rotten roots is dark brown, while the healthy are white. 

So, once you have confirmed that it is root rot, follow the remedies given above to save your plant’s life.

The Color of the Leaves

Another indication of root rot is the color of the leaves. It is essential to be aware of the color of the leaves because you can’t examine the roots daily, but the color of the leaves can suggest the problem of rotting at an early stage, so you can do something to save the plant on time.

The color of healthy leaves of the aloe vera plant is green, but if they are a victim to root rot, they initially turn yellow, which changes into brown in severe condition. The leaves no longer look pulpy and are droopy. 

It’s time to take action by fixing the issue immediately, leading your plant to root rot to save it from dying.

What measures are essential to prevent aloe vera plant root rot?

Prevention is better than cure, so you must follow simple tips to prevent aloe vera plant root rot. Here are some measures you should take in advance to save your plant’s roots from rotting.

· Research know-how for the healthy growth of the plant.

· Do a regular examination of the plant using that knowledge.

· Provide a favorable temperature to the plant.

· Provide enough light to the plant.

· Water the plant wisely.

· Choose the pot, keeping in view the needs and size of the plant.

Taking these measures, you can take your plant far away from rotting issues.

Can you save the plant when it has become the victim of root rot?

Yes, you can save the plant from rotting if you have diagnosed it at an early stage by following the remedies discussed above, but if it has affected all the roots, you can not do anything.

When once you have confirmed that your plant has become the victim of root rot, these are the steps you can take for the survival of your plant;

a. If you find some of the roots in the white color, you have the chance to save your plant, so first, you should cut all the affected roots to protect the healthy ones.

b. Immediately transfer the plant into another pot. 

c. Take good care of the plant and give it proper sunlight exposure to revive.

Good luck surviving your plant.

Which problem causes to initiate the root rot issue in the aloe plant?

It is essential to find the answer, how this problem starts developing because if you know the root cause, you are more likely to follow measures wisely.

It is the faulty drainage system that provides a favorable environment for fungus to develop in the soil around the roots, which causes the roots to rot. 

You can provide good drainage by preventing overwatering and arranging a pot with a drainage hole to protect your plant.

Which type of areas is more likely to cause the root rot in aloe vera, and how to prevent it?

The rainy areas have damp soil for a large part of the year. Such earth can provide a favorable circumstance for fungal development, which leads to root rot.

You can save your plant in such a situation by planting it in a good-sized pot and keep it indoors in the case of rain or low temperature.

The Final Verdict

So, you have enough knowledge after reading this article to prevent the aloe vera plant root rot. You can now take measures to save the plant from dying. Grow it in your garden and enjoy its countless benefits as an antiseptic or as a part of your beauty regimen product.

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