Best Plant Watering Reminder Apps (Don’t Let Those Plants Dry)

Best Plant Watering Reminder Apps

Which are the best plant watering reminder apps?

Sometimes people forget to do the crucial things, including watering plants as a gardener. With a busy job getting in the way, you are most likely to miss watering your plants at the right time or with the correct quantity.

So, to avoid the heartbreak of watching your plants die before your eyes, a plant watering reminder app on your phone will be your savior. Whether you need to know all about your plant, you want more apart from the basics, or you want a caring reminder, such an app will make it very easy for you to care for your plants. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

With plenty of these apps available in the app store, where do you start? Check out our top apps below to help you get back and stay on track with nurturing your indoor and outdoor plants.

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Best Plant Watering Reminder Apps

Planta- Top Overall

While Planta is an excellent app for your plants care, the premium upgrade is better in providing you with every solution for your plant problems apart from watering; for instance, instructions and reminders on pruning, fertilizing, misting, and repotting.

Moreover, gardeners in the hot regions will benefit from the advanced water algorithm for the harsh summer temperatures. Better yet, Planta will allow you to keep track manually of the plant’s room light intensity thanks to your phone camera as well as when to water reliant on the weather.

What’s more?

Also, you will learn about keeping your pets safe by getting information on toxic plants from the app. Remarkably, it comes with a free feature of detailed watering methods like bottom watering, water bath, and over the soil watering.

Whether you grow outdoor or potted vegetables and herbs, Planta is there to ensure you see them thrive.

Hoping you will opt for the premium upgrade. You will need to pay a reasonable rate of $7.99 a month and $35 for a year.

WaterMe- User-Friendly

Because of its user-friendly nature, WaterMe is among the best plant care app for plant watering. Why so?

For starters, it is available in both Android and IOS and covers many plants such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Also, it has a drag and drops feature that allows you to add your plant information on the app easily.

Aside from being easy to fill in the plant’s information, you can also customize it to meet your needs and preference on the schedule. This way, it will be accessible following and not missing a day of watering.

Furthermore, it has a Siri voice command for effortless scheduling of reminders for watering, trimming, fertilizing based on each plant. WaterMe allows you to select your plant type, care roles for the plant on that day, and the time you want to finish the task.

This easy-to-use plant watering reminder app also features a pictorial plant list consisting of the plant name and task labeled below each.

Florish- Best Free

Florish is an indoor free plant care app that has unique features similar to its paid counterparts. The light meter in the app that uses your phone’s camera will determine whether your room has low, medium, or bright light. This way, it will be easy to know which plants will thrive best in your home. Besides, not all indoor plants thrive in the same conditions.

Moreover, it is easy to add and customize different plants on the app to get notifications for “remind me to water the plants.” Better yet, the app will give you a preview of how your plants should appear when they are healthy. Still, it provides care instructions according to the light preferences, not to mention a list of the common problems that lead to failed growth.

Nonetheless, Florish will tell you what to give your plants and teach you everything regarding reminders for watering and plant care tips.


Vera is available in both Android smartphones and IOS as one of the best apps for plant care. The app allows you a straightforward process of customizing your plant profiles using a name, image, date of purchase, special care instructions, and frequent notifications for watering and maintenance of the plants.

Vera is a plain canvas that acts as a journal for the plant owners that already know plant basics. This way, it has no tips, guides, or anything, so you will need to fill it with the information required. Better yet, the Vera team is advancing the app to make it possible for you to share the customized plant profiles with your plant sitters should you be away for an extended period.

So how does it work?

  1. Take a picture of your plant.
  2. Name it, categorize its species, write down its location, record its adoption date, and incorporate any necessary care instructions.
  3. After completing the journal entry, go ahead and log any activity like watering, repotting, rotating, fertilizing, and misting.
  4. Also, remember to add additional daily notes about the plant.
  5. For a better experience, you can also enable push notification reminders for watering and fertilization.

In summary, Vera is an excellent app for those who mindfully want to approach plant parenting. Ultimately, the same plant can react differently in a different environment. Therefore, an objective, customized plant care routine is more satisfying than general methods if you are willing to learn the basic needs of your plants.

PictureThis- Best for Sick Plants

Similar to other apps, PictureThis also features a camera-enabled plant identifier, not to mention detailed guides for plants. With PictureThis, you will learn more about plants, especially those that toxic to both humans and animals.

Moreover, this app allows you to access wide-ranging resources at your fingertips that determine a sickly plant, the extent of the sickness, and if there are remedies for restoring it to its healthy self. Remarkably, it provides options for linking you with an expert botanist team if you require significant assistance with a plant. Read on.

Also, you can get PictureThis for both iOS and Android devices and has a large community with over 30 million users. These users will help you recognize and learn about plant types such as trees, flowers, and succulents. Better still, the app offers 98% accuracy in identifying over 10,000 kinds of plants, many thanks to its AI-backed engine and steady input from plant experts.

Moreover, PictureThis allows you to set the watering reminder with notifications to prevent you from forgetting to water the plants and a good collection of plant care tips. Above all, It’s easy to use for anyone, allowing you to connect with a strong community of plant lovers globally. Besides, with pictures of your plants, you can upload them on your profile as you browse for more plant collections from other users.

A better version of a premium plan will let you access all its features, such as limitless plant identification and individual advice for horticulture specialists. You can get the premium plans at a weekly rate of $1.99.

Blossom- Best Informative

If you’re planning to grow plants your whole life, then Blossom is the app for you! Why so? with Blossom, you will get access to a remarkable amount of information about plants, from specific plant details to extensive and colorful photo collections such as “8 Colorful plants for the Living Room” and “Best Houseplants for Clean Air.” Besides, it can also be a significant source of plant inspiration!

Moreover, this app can accurately classify over 10,000 plants, flowers, trees, and succulents and give you all levels of details, plant care tips, and features. Better yet, Blossom allows you to customize your plant collection and get push notification reminders for caring for each.

Sadly, Blossom is only available in iOS, but it is easy to use, learn about the plants surrounding you, find your home’s perfect plants, and live your life in green.

While all these features are freely available, they come in limited quantities. So, you can only unlock the entire usage of Blossom by getting a premium subscription, which starts at $6.99 monthly.

Gardenia- Best Reminder

This is a brief and straight-to-the-point app for your plants care. Even though it will not be extensive and deep about your plants, it will take you through the basics and set up reminders for care and maintenance.

When you add a plant from the app to your list, six icons will emerge immediately to indicate; the ideal water level, fertilization, sunlight exposure, soil type, seasons of blooming, and the least amount of temperature for survival. This way, you will get something like a report card for plants.

So what’s unique about Gardenia?

Unlike other apps that allow you to set up reminders only for watering and fertilizing, Gardenia will provide you with a wide range of tasks to set up notifications. So, you will schedule for more roles like repotting, sowing, applying pesticides, trimming, and harvesting. Besides, you can also create a customized notification if necessary.

Remarkably, this is all free with no limits and in-app purchases!

The PlantMe- Best Progress Tracker

The PlantMe comes with a flawless and straightforward design that keeping track of your plants becomes a breeze. To start;

  1. Please search for your plants in the database and put them on your list.
  2. Drag one tab over to “your plants,” and a line-up of the plants you’ve added will appear in a ‘Pokémon’ card form.
  3. Open up the card to describe the plant’s requirements and set up notification reminders and schedules for watering and fertilizing.

Above all, the “history” feature is the show stopper. How does it work?

When you upload the photos of your plant to the card after some time, you will see a record of the overtime plants’ progress. With this feature, you will know if your plant is getting better or worse to adjust your gardening care routines suitably.


PeppyPlant is a unique plant reminder app that will provide you with a “pep” every step in keeping you motivated as you carry your watering tasks. PeppyPlant is only available on your IOS device.

When adding the plant list into your app, you should if it’s an indoor or outdoor plant. This way, PeppyPlant will advise you on where to place your plants, reliant on their unique needs. For instance, if your outdoor plant can grow better indoors, the app informs you after entering all the required information.

Moreover, you can fill in the app the amount of sunlight each plant receives daily. But, if you find it hard to estimate how much sunlight the plants receive, consider this;

Outdoor plants have sunlight exposure of about 6-8 hours daily, depending on the season. Conversely, indoor plants should get nearly 3-5 hours of sunshine, but this will depend on your place inside the house and how the sun reaches that specific area.


Potted is a plant watering reminder that allows you to tailor your app experience. The potted setup is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is snap images of your plants and upload them on the app to begin filling the profile. In the profile, please give them a name (you can name them after people’s names) and set a frequent watering schedule for each plant as required for proper growth.

This way, Potted will push reminder notifications when watering time reaches. Should you happen to miss a day, worry not! The app will postpone the following watering suitably. Therefore, trust that you will never skip watering again as long as you have Potted.

How Should You Water Your Plants?

Because water is life, every living thing needs water to thrive, and plants are not an exception.

For plants, water acts as a cooling agent, enhances structural support, and even transports minerals all over the plant, especially the cells. If you are wondering how water improves the structural support of a plant, this is how;

The cells become stiff once they are filled with water. This way, they stay upright, gaining and retaining their natural shape.

When watering your plant, the sunshine makes the water evaporate from the leaves to the air through transpiration. Usually, water climbs up from the roots. However, the plant pulls moisture from the leaves in dry roots, which leads to a deflated plant. When you see deflated leaves, this signifies how vital water is for a plant to remain healthy.

With an obscene amount of water- too much or too little, the chances are that your plant buddy will not stand against the test of time. So much for wasted efforts!

Water Schedule

Primarily, scheduling for water relies on essential factors like the plant’s size and the amount of water required. This means that it will be best to water down to different widths and lengths when it comes to size. Also, large trees take in more water due to their massive roots compared to the small ones.

Preferably, it would help if you changed your watering routine to suit the changes in seasons. This is because plants tend to take in much water during hot seasons than they do in winter.

However, potted plants are an exception to watering routines. Potted plants dry out quickly because of limited soil space compared to the in-ground plants. Ideally, it would be best if you watered potted plants in the morning or evening. This way, the roots will have time to soak in the water before the hot part of the day. Rest assured, this will also reduce any chances of root rot.

Check out watering practices below that you can adopt to achieve an adequate watering schedule:

  • Cut down the watering frequency during winter when plants are experiencing growth dormancy.
  • Due to the risks of waterlogging, ensure to keep pots with drainage holes for your potted plants.
  • It would help water the plants every 2-4 days to retain moist compost during the summer and spring seasons.
  • While watering your indoor plants, avoid overwatering as there is a high risk of plant diseases from waterlogged compost.
  • Even though outdoor plants need more water than indoor counterparts, ensure you test the soil’s moisture level to avoid waterlogging.

What Water Should You Use For Your Plants?

Not every type of water is ideal for watering your plants because different kinds have different effects on the plants. For instance, tap water can deem dangerous as it affects the growth of plants. On the other hand, distilled water will retard the growth of your plants.

Therefore, the best type of water should contain no minerals like sugar or salt. Preferably, rain or bottled spring water enhances healthy growth.

Above all, ensure to get the right equipment to water your plants. It would be best to avoid using a standard spray nozzle as it tends to have much pressure that can damage the delicate flowers and leaves.

Parting Shot

While staring down at your beautiful plants from your couch is satisfying, caring for them is not easy, especially if you lack the green zeal. Because most people love having plants but have no clue how to maintain them healthy, the above best plant watering reminder apps will hold your hand through the whole process.

 You will find those with general instructions from our selection while others offer detailed approaches to plant matters. Go ahead and choose which suits your knowledge level on plants.

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