Best Plant Watering Spikes for Your Garden To Buy Today

best plant watering spikes

Which are the best plant-watering spikes?

Busy lives and periodic vacations can make enjoying beautiful plants for an extended period a challenge. Often, you fear coming back to dead/wilted plants, which takes your efforts to zero.

While the thought of entrusting someone with the responsibility to care for your plants can cross your mind, sometimes the risks are too many. So, is there a convenient way to ensure your plants do not miss their daily water quota?

Fortunately, the best plant watering spikes for your garden use a drip-irrigation concept that involves a slow-release mechanism. This way, your plants will remain hydrated for an extended period, most probably until you return.

Read on.

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How Do Self-Watering Spikes Operate?

Installing drip irrigation for your plants will need you to insert self-watering spikes into the soil and fill them occasionally. This way, the spikes will directly access the roots giving them water effectively with minimum water wastage.

Usually, different models of watering spikes function under one principle of trickle irrigation. Also, some come with a water reservoir, and others are bottle watering spikes that you have to attach a bottle of water to them.

Because of the variety of brands in the market, the construction also varies. Some are plastic with a hole to allow the water to drip through. There are also those from porous terracotta or ceramic, through which the water leaks into the soil.

Moreover, you will find spikes attached with a hose to a water supply or others with a valve that adjusts the drip rate.

Regardless of your choice of a self-watering spike, rest assured your plants will receive sufficient water targeting the root system for a prolonged time. Better still, this will require the least or none of your intervention.

Benefits of Plant-Watering Spikes

So, why is it necessary to get this self-watering system for your plant apart from giving you a worry-free vacation?

Preserves nutrients: This is a closed watering system that prevents water from draining where it shouldn’t to contain the nutrients in the soil. Besides, if the nutrients get in the overflow container, it will be easy to return them to the plant, so they are not lost.

Saves Water:  Overwatering situations leads to allowing the surplus water to evaporate over time. Fortunately, a watering spike only waters the plant when necessary leaving the excess moisture in the stake until the need arises again. Because there’s soil surrounding the tip of the stake, it will be impossible for the water to evaporate.

Time-saver: Undeniably, watering your plants as required takes time to complete, especially when you have many plants. Lucky for you, that hustle is off your back, allowing you a stress-free time when you travel.

Prevent Root Rot: Usually, root rot occurs when overwatering and water sits around the roots without draining. However, this system only lets out water when the soil is dry, making it easier to get the water deeper into the ground. This way, the roots will grow stronger, giving you a healthier plant.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Plant-Watering Spikes?

After understanding the easy operation of the spikes and their benefits, it becomes easy to conclude that you need them for your plants’ watering system. However, you have to choose the best from a vast market filled with plenty of options.

The below factors will guide you in making a favourable choice before purchase;

Material: For starters, the choice of material will determine the durability of the spike. Of course, you want a spike that will serve you for an extended period without the need to replace quickly. Also, eco-friendly material is perfect for ensuring that you are not exposing your plants to harmful chemicals.

Water Flow: The amount of water each plant needs varies. Therefore, it would be best to look for a stake that will provide your plant with enough water as it needs. Furthermore, there are spikes with valves that enable you to adjust the amount of water. This way, you will control how much water you want to release into the soil to make it grow well.

Size of the Stake: It would be essential to consider the size of the pot you want to insert the stake before buying a spike. This will help you see the space available around the plant to determine the size of the spike to buy. Besides, you don’t want to get a big spike that will overcrowd the plant space or get a small spike that will need frequent filling of water.

Let’s see the best options for plant-watering spikes in the current market.

The Best Plant Watering Spikes

  1. Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes

Blumat spikes are of top-quality ceramic material. They will ensure your plants stay hydrated and fresh for a maximum period of 14 days. Also, setting up is straightforward, but you will need to first soak the stakes in water for about 15 minutes. You will need either 1L or 2L bottle for setup, drill its bottom, and fasten it on the earlier soaked stakes.

After attaching the bottle to the adapter, fill it with water. Then insert it in the soil next to your plant and allow care for your plant’s water needs. This way, your plants will neither be underwatered nor overwatered.

When the soil is wet, the Blumat adapter shuts down the water flow. This means that it will only work when the ground is dryer than usual. If 1L cares for your plants for about 14 days, you can use 2L if you need to be away for a more extended period.


  • Fast and straightforward setup
  • Automatic supply of sufficient water
  • Durable ceramic material
  • Versatile usage


  • It’s hard to make the tip stay at the bottom of the bottle
  1. Plant Watering Devices 8 Pack Terracotta

These Terracotta 8-pack watering spikes are the ideal solution for people who plan to be away for a long time or have a busy schedule and need something reliable to care for their plants.

Remarkably, this 8-pack will ensure your plants stay hydrated for about two weeks without your intervention and worry. So, worry not about coming home to dry and dead plants!

Moreover, the spikes will only take a few seconds to install as the setup process is simple. Lucky for you, it also fits most standard bottles with long necks, even plastics. It would be best to choose a stylish bottle to also add a touch of aesthetics to your garden or potted plants.

 Aside from using plain water to fill the bottles, you can also add vitamin blend in the water to the previously soaked spike and set it on its top. Consequently, put it firmly near the plant and live carefree for the recommended period.

Also, the solid and hard-wearing material will not break anytime soon. So, it will keep your plants fresh and soil moist for about 14 days and serve you for years.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Strong and durable material
  • Maintains healthy plants for 14 days
  • Economical set of 8-pack


  • Water flow seems so slow
  1. Upgraded Adjustable Self Watering Spikes

The ABS plastic of construction is durable and eco-friendly to keep your plants safe for a long time compared to the other spikes.

Remarkably, you don’t need any prior experience to install this system as it is straightforward to set up and use. You will need bottles with 2.8cm diameter to cut at the bottom for proper water flow. After putting the bottle in the spike, the regulating valve will help you adjust the water flow accordingly. This way, your plants will receive adequate water even when you are away.

Nonetheless, this watering system is ideal for all plants, either indoor or outdoor. Most importantly, it will not break even with hard soil because ABS plastic is strong.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable and strong
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Regulates water accordingly


  • It tends to leak at the valve insertion point
  1. Lonfenner 6PCS Automatic Watering Device

For people who are simply forgetful or away for some time, this set of 6pcs is the perfect solution. This will guarantee your plants remain lush, green and in great shape.

For starters, the 6pcs spray nozzles are adjustable to fit different bottles. Also, the PP plastic material of construction is eco-friendly and robust to stand against the test of time.

When it comes to the setup, it is effortless and tool-free. Better still, you can install it directly to the soil by hand or use bottles from water, soda, to wine bottles as you wish.

Yes! You can also use it both for the plants inside or outdoors and serve up to 10 days maximum.


  • Unnoticeable system
  • Tool-free easy setup
  • Versatile use
  • Adjustable spray nozzles
  • Adequate watering from 6pcs


  • Requires frequent adjusting of the drip
  1. LAVIZO Plant Self Watering Spikes

With this incredible watering system, your flowers and vegetables will receive the right amount of water to stay fresh and healthy.

The valve works perfectly to regulate how water flows into the soil. Better still, when it is adjustable, it works best with different plant’s needs as each plant requires varying water intake. The slow water release can last for a maximum of 15 days, which is perfect when you need a watering solution for your precious plants because you will be away. The installation of these spikes is not complicated, and you can have your teenage child help.

Preferably, choose any plastic bottle with a mouth diameter of 2.8cm, drill a hole at the bottom and insert the spike. From ABS plastic material, this product is friendly to the environment hence contains no harmful chemicals and is also durable. Because you can also recycle all the plastic bottles, the material of the spikes will make you use them for as long as 30 years.

Because you desire to come back to a lush garden, whether indoor or outdoor, you can also add water dissolving fertilizer to the watering system.


  • Water and time-saver
  • An adjustable flow rate of water
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Easy to install


  • The fertilizer will block the water flow if it fails to dissolve
  1. Plant Nanny Watering Stakes

If your garden has a mixture of both medium to large plants, this is it!

Just as its name suggests, do a perfect job in playing nanny to your plants. This is a self-watering stake that uses plastic bottles that you want to recycle instead of trashing them away. Luckily, these stakes are compatible with different-sized bottles, so you only need to adjust to the correct size that when you are away.

Moreover, they can water your plants for a maximum of 7-14 days without the need for supervision. The terracotta material is also strong but requires proper handling as it tends to break easily under carelessness.

Also, the plastic adapters make it easy to refill the bottle and insert it in the stake without dripping water. Incredibly, you can insert the stake into the soil without worrying about damaging the root system.


  • A perfect way to recycle and conserve the environment
  • Easy to install
  • Safe on the roots
  • Straightforward refill without dripping
  • Compatible with many bottles


  • Cannot work with wine bottles
  1. Pricetail Self Watering Spike

This appealing self-watering system with a colorful plastic bird-shaped water supply and terracotta spike works perfectly for small plants and single potted plants.

The inverted beak allows you to fill water quickly from a watering can through an accessible inlet. Also, the transparent reservoir will enable you to be alert on the available water level, so you know when it’s time for a refill.

It can water your plants for an average of 3-7 days. Better still, it features a terracotta construction that is durable for prolonged service. The terracotta spike lets out water via osmosis and naturally controls the moisture amount of the nearby soil;

The reservoir comes with a rubber ring, preventing leakage by sealing any breach between the reservoir and the spike. Finally, the cute design and vibrant colors add to enhance the aesthetics of your garden.


  • Pretty design and colors
  • Leak-proof
  • Regulates moisture content of the soil
  • Transparent water supply
  • Easy to fill water
  • Durable construction


  • Challenge in setting up
  1. Mushroom Terracotta Self Watering System Spikes

These beautifully pleasing and ergonomic watering spikes come with water supplies in different shapes and patterns. So while hydrating your plants, they add some charm you’re your garden. Besides, they qualify as among the popular picks of self-watering spikes for house plants. Read on.

Because they can water your plant for a maximum of 5 days, it would be best to use them for short periods or single pots. So if your vacation is long, you might need to look for another option. Besides, the globe can hold about 260 ml of water.

There’s a hole on top of the reservoir, which is easy to reach, allowing you to refill the water when it runs out inside. The terracotta construction is naturally automated and ensures that the soil remains optimally moist.

Lucky for you, you have a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and patterns to choose from as they suit you.


  • It comes in different sizes and patterns
  • Durable and self-regulating
  • Easy to refill
  • Adds beauty to your garden


  • It only works for short periods
  1. SUCOLE 4 Pack Large Watering Bulbs

If you want a perfect birthday gift for your gardener mum, this is a thoughtful and ideal idea to help them carry on with their love for plants. What’s more?

These watering bulbs feature a colourful mushroom design unique and painted to add more charm to your garden. All this while, they are serving their role duty of hydrating your plants as required.

Moreover, the large watering bulbs give you an easy watering time without the need for frequent refills. Approximately, you can refill after 4-7 days of regular watering reliant on your adjustment.

Better yet, it is easy to set up and use. You need to fill each with water as required, then overturn and press firmly but gently into the soil. Subsequently, the watering bulbs will maintain healthy plants by releasing an adequate amount of water into the ground naturally and gradually.

They also have a versatile usage for both indoors or outdoors helpful and ornamental plants. Better yet, the watering bulbs offer ideal hydration for any plant size, especially the hanging plants or patio plants. Ideally, you should install more bulbs in large plants, and the smaller plants will need a few bulbs.


  • Versatile usage
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect large size
  • Colourful and decorative


  • The glass material is fragile hence breaks when placed outdoors

Parting Shot

Even when you opt for the best plant-watering spikes for your garden, remember they should not be a substitute for watering your plants when you are around. Usually, they work best as emergency or backup watering systems when you need to be away from your plants. People who tend to forget quickly but are always at home, a watering reminder app would be better than the self-watering system.

However, save yourself the money of hiring a plant sitter or the stress of having your neighbour assist with the plant care when you are away; and buy one of the systems as simple but effective ways for healthy and hydrated plants.

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