Can you Plant two tomato plants together in a Pot?

Can you Plant two tomato plants together in a Pot


Tomatoes are one of the most sensitive plants we grow in our garden. They require precise airflow, water intake, and space to grow. Its types are based on size, production rate, and seed. However, the most used are cherry tomatoes and red beefsteak tomatoes. The tomato plant is a warm-season plant.

You may think that by providing high-quality fertilizer and soil, you can grow healthy and tasty tomatoes. But there is something more you need to know. Tomato spacing is a crucial factor in its growth. You cannot grow unlimited tomato plants in a pot.

So, what is the proper tomato spacing? Can you plant two tomato plants together?

So, Can you plant Two Tomato Plants Together in a Pot?

You are not the first nor the last who is thinking about planting two tomato plants together in a pot. Well, you can grow two tomato plants together, or you may not. Planting two tomato plants together in a container depends on a few factors like the pot size and tomato plant type.


Before deciding on the pot size, determine the type of tomato you want to grow. Decide whether you to grow dwarf tomatoes, indeterminate tomatoes, determinate tomatoes, or pixie tomatoes. Once you’re done with the tomato type, the next step is deciding the pot size.

Pot Size

  • Small: Dwarf tomatoes like Cherry and determinate tomatoes like Roma are suitable for a small pot. These plants will be okay in this size of container. All they require the depth. The roots of determinate and dwarf plants are usually dense. They go deep and deep to stabilize themselves.

The depth of the small pot should be at least 12 inches. If you are planting two tomatoes in the same pot, then keep them distanced from each other.

  • Large: Large pots are suitable for indeterminate plants. Indeterminate plant growth is continuing. They double their size at the mature stage as compared to the young.

So if you are planting two dwarf or determinate tomato plants together in the same pot, use a small container. Similarly, if you are planting two indeterminate plants, use a large pot and keep the distance between them.

Why Tomatoes Spacing Matter?

Those tomato plants which grow in limited space are supposed to have diseases and stunted growth. Due to a lack of moisture and oxygen, tomatoes possess harmful diseases. Their production rate is also slow as compared to the tomato plants growing in proper space and airflow.

Despite following the above fact, some gardeners stills fail to grow healthy tomato plants. 

Common Tomato Plant Growing Mistakes

Growing edible plants in the home garden is not a cup of tea. Before you plant the tomato seedling in the soil, take a pause! Are you sure that you know the proper tactics of growing healthy tomatoes?

Believe it not, but your single mistake can ruin the vein of the tomato plant. To eliminate the chance of spoiling the tomato plant taste, learn the common mistakes most gardeners do. If you avoid these blenders, then we guarantee you will enjoy healthy and tasty tomatoes every season.

1.      Too Much Water

You cannot water the tomatoes at any time and how much you want. Do not overwater the plant nor underwater. Maintain a balance. Over and under watering is restricted because it affects the quality and taste of the fruit.

The best to water the tomatoes is at 6.00-9.00 am. Reason? Because at this time, the rays of the sun are of premium quality. If the tomatoes have a sufficient amount of water, they will do photosynthesis using the premium quality sun rays to make food.

Avoid watering the plant at sunset time.

2.      Too Close

What do you think, if you plant tomatoes too close, then will they grow properly? Of course, not! It is one of the common mistakes gardeners while growing tomatoes. Do you know why planting tomatoes too close is restricted? Because it restricts their airflow. 

When the tomatoes receive restricted airflow, their photosynthesis rate decrease which affects their growth rate as well. So it is better to maintain distance between the plants for better airflow.

3.      Planting Wrong Type Together

You should be specific with the tomato type you want to grow. You can not grow red beefsteak tomatoes with cherry tomatoes in the same pot. The same goes for cocktail tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes.

Tomatoes also vary based on determinate or indeterminate. Determinate tomatoes are seasonal. They stop their growth once their shoot ends with a flower. While on the other hand, the indeterminate flower keeps growing all season, no matter if the shoot is ended with a flower or not.

If you want to grow a variety of tomatoes, then use separate pots. For instance, grow cherry tomatoes in the same pot and the red beefsteak tomatoes in the same.

4.      Not Proper Care

Our plants do need our attention. With proper care, you need to provide a support system and time. Keep pests away from the tomato plants. Do not let the bugs and worms eat your tomatoes before you eat. Bugs and worms are pretty common in gardens. Use an antiseptic spray to keep the insects away. 

Either you are growing indeterminate tomatoes or determinate, you need to provide them a proper support system. Put wood or metal stick along with the plant for support. The stick length should be around 4-6 feet.

Take a monthly examination of the plants to make sure that they are safe from disease.

5.      Too Much or Less Fertilizer

Fertilizer is essential for plants like sunlight and water. If anyone of you does not know what fertilizers are, let us explain it to them. Fertilizers are synthetic or natural compounds used to increase the quality of the soil.

Plants require minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus to grow. Fertilizer maintains these mineral rates in the soil and helps in proper growth.

Okay, do not think that if you put a lot of fertilizer in the soil, then your tomatoes will have a growth boost. There is nothing like this going to happen. In short, your tomatoes will burn out due to excess fertilizer. Try to use organic fertilizers instead of synthetic.

Wrapping Up!

Gardening is not a cup of tea. You need to have some classy skills to grow non-edible and edible plants. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a common fruit. It would be a lie if you say you have not heard of it. While growing tomato plants, you have to use hawk’s eyesight to detect issues.

Water, fertilizer, and space are the most considering factors in tomato plant growth. Make sure to maintain at least a 2-3 feet distance between the two plants. Avoid the common mistakes most gardeners do. Never cut the tomato plant at the under-pruning stage. And lastly, make sure that the tomatoes are safe from insects.


What should be the standard space between two tomato plants?

The most recommended standard space between two tomato plants is 2-3 feet. This space is perfect to keep the airflow maintained.

Is it okay to plant two tomato plants in a single pot?

Yesit is absolutely fine to grow two tomato plants in a pot. But make sure to follow the considering factors and avoid the common tomato plant growing mistakes.

Cherry tomatoes or red beefsteak, which one is tastier?

We can not decide on one tomato because both are ideal in their shoes. Curry is incomplete without red cherry tomatoes, while red beefsteak tomatoes are a must in baking dishes.