Can You Save Seeds From Green Tomatoes?

Can You Save Seeds From Green Tomatoes

My garden has many green tomatoes, but the cold weather here won’t favor them. I’ve been thinking about saving some seeds from the tomatoes for the next planting season.

However, one thing was unclear, “Can you save seeds from green tomatoes?”

Yes. You can save seeds from green tomatoes. Nonetheless, if they aren’t ripe, you need to store them in the house so they can ripen. The ripper they are, the better in terms of seed maturity. If they are almost ripe, a single layer on the counter is enough to ripen them.

Keep reading to learn more about green tomatoes and their seeds.

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Can You Save Seeds From Green Tomatoes?

Cold seasons are the main reason farmers harvest their tomatoes while they are still green and unripe. Many people wonder if they can save seeds from them.

Yes, green tomato seeds can be saved. However, before storing them in the house, test if they’ll ripen. Cut one tomato from the center using a knife and observe the seeds.

If their seeds are covered by a clear gel, the tomatoes will ripen. This gel is responsible for making them slide away from your blade. If the roots have no gel and get cut by the knife, they won’t ripen right.

Also, compare the color and size of the tested tomato when harvesting the rest.

Can You Dry Seeds From Green Tomatoes?

Yes. You can dry seeds from green tomatoes. A paper towel is essential for drying seeds. Simply place the seeds on it to dry before placing them on a non-stick surface. 

Afterward, dry the seeds in a warm place but not in direct sunlight. The seeds take up to three weeks to dry completely.

However, there are some steps you need to follow before and after drying the seeds. See them below.

Collecting The Seeds

To collect the seeds, cut the tomato open to scoop out the seeds into a jar. Afterward, top the pot with some water.

Removing The Gel

You should remove the gel on the seeds as it prevents germination.

Leave the seeds for up to five days to start fermenting. That breaks down the seed coating and kills harmful fungi and bacteria surrounding the tomato seed.

Cleaning The Seeds

To be sure of a good day to clean the seeds, ensure that you check and swirl the glass jar every day. When you notice the pulp floating to the top, the seeds are ready for cleaning.

You’ll also notice that all the seeds settle at the bottom of the jar.

Remove the pulp carefully, then pour the seeds together with the liquid into a sieve. Afterward, wash them with running water and remove the remaining materials.

You can use the back of a wooden spoon to remove the stuck materials successfully.

Storing The Seeds

After collecting, removing the gel, washing, and drying the seeds, the last step is storing them.

Simply scrape the tomato seeds into envelopes and place them in a dry area with cool temperatures.

If you decide to put the envelopes in a container, ensure to accompany them with silica gel crystals to keep the air dry.

Do Green Tomato Seeds Germinate?

Yes, green tomato seeds do germinate. However, they need temperatures between 68 to 80 degrees to grow.

The seeds take up to two weeks to germinate. Once they grow to about three or four inches tall, you can transplant them into the garden.

How To Transplant Green Tomatoes To The Garden

Before you transport the seedling, ensure that you take them out every day for a week so that they can adapt to the weather.

Dig holes in the garden and plant the seedlings deeply so the roots can thrive.

Also, place some mulch around the plants and water around each plant base.

How To Care For Green Tomatoes After Transplanting

Green tomato plants require a lot of care to produce healthy tomatoes. Some of the things the plants crave are:

  • Fertilizer
  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Sunlight


Tomato plants require fertilizer for healthy growth. The fertilizer should contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to keep the soil fertile.

The best way to feed the tomatoes with fertilizer is after planting them once they’re set to root, and once every two weeks.


Mulch is essential as it discourages weed growth and helps the soil preserve its moisture. So, place an inch of mulch on the earth, and the plants will surely flourish.


The biggest enemy of tomato plants is a lack of moisture. It’s vital to water them often or when an inch or two of the soil is dry.


Tomatoes need eight to ten hours of sunlight for proper growth. Although they still survive in areas with a shortage of the sun, their production is less.

Do Tomatoes Need To Be Ripe To Save Seeds?

Yes. Tomatoes need to be ripe to save seeds. Even though you can save seeds from unripe tomatoes, the best sources come from ripe ones. Moreso, good seeds should come from disease-free tomatoes.

The seeds are fully developed and ready for harvesting if your tomatoes are ripe. Some people choose to wait until the tomatoes on the plant have wrinkles. That way, they can ensure that the seeds are ready for saving.

So, if you have overripened tomatoes in the house, you can save the seeds instead of throwing them away.

However, you should be able to take care of the plants so that they can bring in healthy tomatoes and seeds.

Can You Grow Tomatoes From Green Tomatoes?

Yes. You can grow tomatoes from green tomatoes. A green tomato could mean that the tomato isn’t yet ripe.

So, you can wait until the tomatoes are ripe or ripen them from the house if it’s frost. Once they are ready, you can scoop the seeds for cleaning, gel removal, drying, and storing.

However, some tomatoes remain green even when they are ripe. You can still save their seeds using the correct procedures. After the cold season is gone, you can use them to grow healthy tomatoes.

Is It Necessary To Dry Green Tomato Seeds Before Planting?

The answer is yes. It is necessary to dry green tomato seeds before planting.

Tomatoes are one of the most loved veggies. After every harvest, seeds need to be saved for the next planting season. If you dry your seeds properly, you have a higher chance of harvesting more from one fruit. Also, drying the seeds helps keep them safe from diseases during storage until the next planting season.

The gel that encloses the seeds inhibits germination if the roots aren’t planted within a short period.

Also, the gel encourages diseases that cause the seeds to rot. So, if the roots aren’t dried correctly, they can’t be stored for planting.

Therefore, drying the seeds is essential as it discourages diseases and pests that attack the tomato seeds.

Can You Plant Fresh Green Tomato Seeds?

Yes. You can plant fresh green tomato plants. You only need to cut the tomatoes open and spread them to dry soil.

The sliced tomatoes eventually rot, and tomatoes grow through them. Also, you can scoop out the tomato seeds and spread them under a layer of soil.

Moreover, you can lay the seeds deep into the soil so they don’t sprout to survive winter.

Nonetheless, you can’t expect much yield since wet seeds are more likely to be attacked by pests and diseases.


How Do You Get Seeds Out Of Tomatoes?

To get the seeds out of the tomatoes, place the tomato on a chopping board and ensure the stem side faces up. Roll the tomato, so the stem faces the right, then cut it down the equator into two halves.

Afterward, scoop out the seeds from the seed cavities and put them in a jar.

Can I Plant A Whole Tomato?

It’s possible to grow tomatoes from whole tomatoes. However, it’s best to slice the tomato so the seeds can quickly obtain the nutrients from nearby soil.

The easier the seed acquires nutrients, the faster the plant grows.

Can You Grow Tomato Plants From Old Tomatoes?

Yes. You can grow tomato plants from old tomatoes. All you need to do is slice the old tomatoes into thin slices. Lay them on a pot full of soil, then cover them with soil and pour some water.

You’ll have seedlings to transplant in a week or two.

Is It Better To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds Or Plants?

There are different types of tomatoes like heirloom, yellow, and cherry. They all offer distinct flavors, sizes, and colors.

Variety is an excellent reason to grow tomatoes from seeds rather than plants. Moreso, growing tomatoes from seeds ensures good plant health.


You don’t have to buy seeds whenever you want to plant green tomatoes. From this article, it’s clear that you can save seeds from green tomatoes. Moreover, you can save the seeds for up to six years if you store them correctly.

If your tomatoes aren’t ripe and you need to harvest them and save the seeds, simply ripen them from the house.

If they are ripe and the seeds ready for saving, follow the correct procedure and store them successfully.

Also, you don’t need many resources to store the seeds and, you don’t need a degree to follow the steps.

So, no more spending on tomato seeds.

Did I make that look easy? I hope you can now harvest, remove the gel, clean, dry, and store green tomato seeds without finding any trouble.