Do Cut Sunflowers Need Sun? + [More Sunflower Tips]

Do Cut Sunflowers Need Sun

You’ve probably heard people say sunflowers would wilt and die without the sun. Maybe that is our assumption. It’s not just the flower’s name; it’s also its appearance. 

Although all this is true, cut sunflowers don’t need the sun as much. Although you’ll still place them in the light line, it’s unnecessary. So, do cut sunflowers need sun?

Cut sunflowers do need the sun. However, they can survive days, if not weeks, without direct sun. Cut sunflowers can be kept in the dark and can still open without sun. You can keep sunflowers in the dark for up to 2 days. Once cut, sunflowers remain alive for up to a week with proper care.

For more information on caring for and enjoying cut sunflowers, read on. 

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Do Cut Sunflowers Need Sun?

Yes, the sun is vital for cut sunflowers. However, as mentioned above, they don’t necessarily need direct sunlight. As long as you moderate the environment to place them in to mimic the conditions they receive outside, your sunflowers bloom fine. 

Some ways for you to moderate cut sunflower environment include,

  • Take note of sunlight exposure: Indirect sunlight tends to be harsher on flowers than direct sunlight because of split rays by the glass. So, for cut sunflowers, it’s best to place them near an open window for around 6 hours in the morning.  Open windows provide both the sun needed and a breeze to tone down the sun’s heat. 
  • Consider heat: The sun’s temperature hurts cut sunflowers more than anything. Since cut sunflowers placed indoors don’t have access to the natural breeze, it’s essential to ensure they aren’t in heat exceeding 30˚C. It’s essential to spritz the flowers with water as they bust in the sun to mimic the coolness of the soil. 

Do Cut Sunflowers Do Better in the Sun?

No, cut sunflowers don’t do better in the sun. Quite the contrary, cut sunflowers wilt fast when exposed to the sun for long. Unlike sunflowers in the garden or potted, cut sunflowers require a little sun to remain radiant and open. 

Although exposure to light isn’t a bad idea, a little light improves their visibility and allows you to enjoy the sunflowers more. Indirect light is also a good idea; even if it’s for the whole day, your sunflowers won’t dry out. 

Can Cut Sunflowers Be Kept in the Dark?

Yes, you can keep cut sunflowers in the dark. However, they may not bloom as well as those placed in the sun. Although we’ve said they don’t need sun as much as those potted outside, they won’t survive for long in the dark. 

Sunflowers can survive in dark environments for up to 3 days without wilting and dying. But, for sunflowers to remain fresh for these three days, the temperatures in the darkroom should be around 33˚C to 44˚C. 

Additionally, you’ll need to replace the water you’ve placed the flowers in more frequently to ensure their survival. 

How Long Can Sunflowers Last Without the Sun?

Sunflowers last up to 12 days without sun exposure. However, if you choose a less sturdy sunflower to cut, the time may be less than 12 days. 

Fully open sunflowers with mature stems are the best option when cutting to keep away from the sun. Furthermore, cutting the sunflower at an acute angle lengthens their bloom period. Acute angle opens up the flowers’ vascular system to take up water better. Enough water compensates for the lack of sun, increasing the chances of survival. 

Cut sunflowers prefer warm water; therefore, to further help them survive, keep the water in the vase at a temperature of 80˚C. 

Although the water doesn’t need to remain at this constant temperature, ensure you always start with 80˚C every time you replace the water.  Cold water has high oxygen levels, which may cause air bubbles that block the sunflower stems. 

In addition, cutting sunflowers in the morning when the sun is less hot ensures they don’t wilt when placed in a different environment from what they’re used to. 

Can Sunflowers Survive With the Indirect Indoor Sun?

Yes, sunflowers can survive with indirect indoor light. Sunflowers can grow and bloom outside or potted inside, although they prefer to grow out in nature. When it comes to indirect sun, what matters is the temperature and period of exposure. 

Sunflowers need exposure to the sun for up to 6 hours at a temperature not exceeding 30˚C. Therefore, if you’ve placed your sunflowers indoors but they still receive these parameters of sun, then they’ll survive. 

Additionally, to ensure the survival of your sunflowers indoors, make sure they aren’t in the direct line of light fixtures for long periods. The harsh artificial light dries them out faster. 

Does Putting Cut Flowers in the Sun Help?

Yes, putting cut sunflowers in the sun helps. Here’s why. They require the sun to remain in bloom. Therefore, even after cutting, it’s advisable to place them near the sun to ensure their flowers continue to open. 

The sun also improves chances of survival once you remove them from soil nutrients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Cut Sunflowers Alive?

You can keep cut sunflowers from dying by;

  1. Choosing a good vase: If you’ve cut your sunflowers to display them indoors, choose a vase whose neck holds the flower firmly so they don’t droop from their weight. Additionally, ensure the vase isn’t too small for the stems. There’s a good chance the vases you’ll have may inhibit unrestricted airflow and movement of the stem, which leads to their wilting. 
  2. Cutting the flower at a 45° angle: This angle ensures that while the flowers are in the vase, the base has an open space to take in water and breath, so it doesn’t dehydrate, wilt and die. 
  3. Providing low acidic water: Sunflowers prefer a pH of 4.5. 
  4. Minimizing harsh environments: Cut sunflowers are more delicate than those in the garden. Therefore, monitor the space you’ve placed them in. The sun coming in shouldn’t be too hot on them, either. Additionally, it’s best to put them somewhere they can receive a light breeze. 

How Long Do Cut Sunflowers Last?

Cut sunflowers last 7 to 10 days with proper care. However, the length of time may vary depending on their condition before cutting. That is if they were healthy while in the garden, the chances of lasting are high.

Aside from environmental factors playing a role, the container chosen to place cut sunflowers determines their lifespan. 

To ascertain the blooming of cut sunflowers, cut them in the morning before the sun’s heat gets unbearable for the petals. Select only the flowers with mature stems and slightly open petals. Also, angle your cutters at an acute angle to ensure the stems remain open even when placed in a vase indoors. 

Why Are My Fresh-Cut Sunflowers Drooping?

Your cut sunflowers are drooping because they’re dehydrated. When sunflowers don’t receive enough water, their stems become weak, leading to the flower drooping from the excess weight that the branch can’t support. 

To remediate the issue, water your cut sunflowers regularly. Additionally, check the angle you cut your stems – cut them again at an acute angle if they’re straight. Coupled with angle, recut the stems every two days while the sunflower is underwater to avoid air bubbles blocking the vascular system.

Why recutting? Sunflower stems rot if they sit in water for too long. Similar to dehydration, the petals droop when the lower parts rot due to excess weight that the stem can’t carry. 

Can Sunflowers Survive Indoors Without The Sun?

Yes, sunflowers can survive indoors without sun if you provide them with the proper environmental conditions. Requirements are 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, fresh water every two days, and exposure to the breeze. 

Additionally, select a container that supports the stems and the flower once it starts to open. Sunflowers grow tall and heavy in full bloom. It’s, therefore, advisable to change your vase often to accommodate every growing stage. Moreover, for your sunflowers to grow healthy, consider light fertilizer that contains potassium and phosphorous supplements to accommodate the lack of sunlight.  

Do Cut Sunflowers Open?

Yes, cut sunflowers open. To ensure this happens, provide the flowers with fresh water every two days and place them near direct sunlight. Additionally, recut the stems every time you replace the water.

While at it, ensure that the branches remain submerged in water to avoid blocking their vascular system. Cutting the stems allows sunflowers to breathe in the fresh air. 

After cutting, sunflowers open in 2 or 3 days, depending on the care you’ve given them. 


What’s the fact, do cut sunflowers need sun?

We’ve established that it’s misguided information to assume that cut sunflowers need sun. As I’ve said, although these flowers need the sun at some point in the day to continue blooming and survive longer, it’s untrue that this is necessary. 

The article above contains some options for you to use to mimic the outdoor atmosphere once you’ve cut your sunflowers. There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature because you’re not in nature. 

Try out some of these recommendations with your cut sunflowers and see for yourself.  I’d advise always recutting stems and adding a little fertilizer to your vase for best results.