Gift Ideas for Gardeners + [Tools They Can Use Everyday]

gift ideas for gardeners

Do you have a green-fingered loved one?

So, Christmas is coming soon, and people are looking for gift ideas for their loved ones. If you want to gift a gardener loved one, you are in the right place.

Apart from being just a hobby or part-time activity, gardening can also grow to be a life-long passion. Your gardener probably has all the tools, so balancing practicality and style into the gift idea can be challenging for you.

But, worry not. Here’s a collection of the best gift ideas for gardeners from the top and favorite brands. Better still, the selection is for everyone suiting different budgets and styles. Without a doubt, your family or friends who love gardening will be thrilled. Read on.

Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas! So, this is the perfect time to remember the special gardener in your life. Below are thoughtful Christmas gifts that will bring a spark into the eyes of your beloved gardener.

Farmer Basket

This farmer basket is ideal for harvesting and collecting fruits and vegetables in the garden. Most importantly, it has an eco-friendly make for sustainability. The construction is made from recycled and natural materials as a handmade basket.

It’s also very stylish and durable, even for daily use. You can find it in various prints to give you a wide selection. Thanks to its waterproof inside, you don’t have to worry about carrying wet vegetables from the market.

Furthermore, it’s foldable, making it easy to store and carry. Better still, the inside is very spacious so you can carry a lot of harvests back home. Washing this farmer’s basket is easy by wiping it with a wet cloth.

Smart Herb Garden

Even the gardens are digitalized thanks to the fast-growing world of technology. This self-watering indoor garden also features energy-saving lights that will ensure your plants thrive even with bad weather.

The set-up is quite easy. All you need is to drop in the featured plant pods, fill up the water storage, and fix the self-watering planter in the socket. Voila, the herb garden is all set up, and you are good to go!

With the smart garden, you can grow anything and everything you want. Use the seedless plant pods and allow your new digital garden to thrive any herb you want. You won’t need to have dirty hands from the soil and fertilizers this time around.

Remarkably, it’s also portable. So, you can easily transport your beautifully thriving garden anywhere you want; by the wall, window or hanging.

Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants

For the beautiful potted plants, trellis makes a perfect gift. Fortunately, these trellises are perfectly small so that they can fit well anywhere you want them. Still, they are dark green, making them invisible for aesthetics.

Moreover, they feature premium construction. These garden trellises are off sturdy and durable high-quality PP plastic. So, you can choose to use them indoors or outdoors and worry not about easy breakages.

You can put on top the mini garden trellis as you want. Connect them sideways or upwards to create the width and the height. This way, it will be easier to shape your plant to look healthier and more beautiful.

While they are easy to assemble, you can adjust them easily as the plant grows. Just insert these plastic mini plant trellises into the soil.

Apart from aesthetics, the climbing trellis offers proper support for the climbing plants to ensure the vines are off the ground. They are also perfect for holding up droopy or weak stems of plants.

Mason Jar Wild Bird Feeder

Nothing brightens a day like a good morning cup of coffee. While this is true, your loved gardener will enjoy having their morning coffee outside in the company of wild birds.

This easy-to-fill bird feed comes with eight feeding ports. So there will be more birds to watch as they enjoy their grains.

Also, this bird feeder is a blue antique mason jar that captures the eye of both the gardener and the birds.

Furthermore, there’s a circular perch that allows the bird to rest comfortably as it feeds. The glass material is transparent to see the number of seeds in, but it’s also sturdy. Therefore, even birds pecking on the glass jar will not break it easily. Better still, it’s very easy to remove and clean.

The Mason jar wild bird feeder carries a maximum of 1 pound of seeds. This is enough for more than one feed for several birds.

Indoor Plant Mister

This brass plant mister offers a perfect blend of style and functionality. Place it out with your plants to boost your home décor. Also, it will refresh your memory every time to spray your plants without fail.

Additionally, it will heighten plant growth by giving your plants the best and enough humidity through misting. Ideally, it’s an excellent mister for tropical plants such as aloe, orchids, African violets, fuchsia, and philodendrons.

You don’t need to explain hard to the gardener how to use it. It’s easy and quick to use, ensuring your plants remain healthy and clean.

The brass finish is also stain-resistant. This will keep the mister looking striking and new just as you bought it.

VermiHut Worm Compost Bin

This is a perfect gift, especially for the gardener who wants to start composting but has no idea where to start.

Undeniably, VermiHut is an advanced worm compost bin that comprises five trays and allows more if you desire. In it, there’s an M-board component that allows adequate airflow. Good air circulation is ideal for making better compost and saving the worms inside.

Also, the air-vented lid comes with coconut fiber and v-board for odor removal and regulation of moisture. So, no more smelly compost bins in the garden!

Remarkably, the compost bin comes with a pair of shoes. This way, you won’t need to soil your shoes when invading the worm bin. Plus, the base and liquid tray come together to eliminate part assembling.

Garden Kneeler and Stool,

Do you want a perfect gift for an elderly gardener? This is it!

Usually, gardening leads to back and knee problems because of the constant bending and kneeling.

Fortunately, this garden kneeler and stool are convenient and comfortable when planting and weeding. Still, it helps you avoid soiling your clothes with grass or mud.

Moreover, it’s an ergonomic garden kneeler that comprises soft EVA foam padding for cushioning and protection of your knees.  

Additionally, it’s sturdy and durable, thanks to the heavy-duty metallic frame that supports your back and hand when standing up or kneeling. Hold and support yourself with the handles and raise or lower steadily and comfortably. Again, it can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Ideally, you can flip over this garden kneeler when you are tired to make it a chair when you feel tired from the garden activities. Besides, you can even enjoy a glass of lemonade or a cup of coffee while relaxing on it.

This garden kneeler is lightweight with just 6.7 pounds to carry to the garden and quickly foldable flat for storing. Because of its foldable nature, it’s also space-saving so that you can carry it in your car for an outing. Plus, the kneeler seat is made of high-quality EVA foam.

Luckily, your senior doesn’t need to carry an extra tool bag. This garden kneeler and seat still consist of a free tool pocket to put your necessary gardening equipment and a free pair of gardening gloves. That’s gardening made easy!

Nitrile Gardening Gloves

The durable nylon seamless shell is comfortable and breathable, especially at hot temperatures. 

Better still, the ribbed cuff ensures the dirt stays out.

Furthermore, the nitrile coating on these gloves is excellent. It makes the gloves feel thick enough for protection and thin enough for touch sensitivity to feel the plants you are handling. Also, they allow you not to lose gripping control when handling tools not to harm the plants.

Also, puncture and chemical resistance protect the palms from cuts, abrasion, and harsh garden chemicals. Additionally, they are colorful not just for aesthetics but for you to easily find them when you remove and put them down in the garden. It’s hard to lose them when you are not wearing them.

Gifts for Gardeners with Everything

It may be a challenge to find the ideal suitable gift for the devoted gardener in your life when they have everything already. However, it would help to think outside the box when looking for unique gifts for gardeners. Besides, you want something that will catch their attention all the time.

You also want to gift them something they least expect but functional and beautiful. See a few examples below;

Little Gardener Tool Set

If your little one joins you every time you go gardening, it’s about time you nurture that passion. This gardening tool set for kids is for children who already love or want to learn gardening.

Firstly, it comes with a lightweight tote bag that allows kids to carry effortlessly gardening tasks. Also, the set includes a shovel, pair of gloves, watering can, fork and rake.

All the tools come in wooden handles, and quality metal rounded heads for safety and durability. Better still, all the equipment is brightly colored for fun. This little gardener toolset is ideal for boosting the young gardener’s imagination and physical activity.

Gardening Handbook

It would be best to record your planting program, soil modifications, and the progress of your plants season after season. Also, this gardening handbook comes with a hardcover for durability and protection of the pages inside.

Including 300 pages, this gardening handbook has tips, photo space, and templates. Better still, the journal is printable, allowing you to modify it into an attractively-designed garden journal.

There’s also a ribbon that will help you mark the used pages. Generally, it’s a perfect place to store your gardening secrets.

Plant Labels

There are handwritten plant labels/markers on wood or plastic. But something more presentable like plastic plant labels would be a perfect gift.

These plant labels allow your garden to remain organized. Better still, the plastic has a smooth surface that is easy to write on and wash off. Plus, this pack comes with a permanent marking pen resistant to rain and can’t fade in the sun.

Even though it’s plastic, rest assured that this is strong and durable not to bend or break easily. It’s also water and sun-resistant, so there’s no chance of rusting or melting. Aside from the easy-to-write on a smooth surface, the shape of the plant label is easy to insert into the soil.

Gardening Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes, the weather can be stormy or non-conducive to tend the garden. Therefore, staying indoors would be the only ideal option. But, it shouldn’t be boring.

Get your green thumb-loved one a gardening jigsaw puzzle to pass a chilling weekend. It contains 1000 pieces, so you have enough to enjoy the whole weekend, for starters. Better still, they are enough pieces to have other people join in and play.

Moreover, the pieces are just the right size, not too big or small. Also, the pieces are sturdy, glossy, and produce the least puzzle dust. Most importantly, they are eco-friendly printed using vegetable-based ink and 90% recycled material.

Outdoor Blanket

Why not have a picnic in your beautiful garden. For serious gardeners, they spend most of their time in the garden with little time for fun. However, you can be sure their gardens look awesome because of their dedication.

A unique gift for such a gardener would be an outdoor blanket. This will give the family ideas of spending fun times with them in the garden. So, carry the blanket and take the picnic to the garden.

Remarkably, it’s waterproof on both sides and ideal to use on any surface. Carrying it is straightforward since you need to fold it up nicely and pack it in its bag. The bag is comfortable to carry because it has an adjustable strap.

Furthermore, the sewn-in insert allows you to fold the mat securely easily. Better still, the insert is sturdy. Don’t worry when you spill juice or cake crumbs; the inner lining wipes quickly.

Garden Propagator Set

The gardener knows that seeds require a suitable place to boost their water intake and nutrients. Therefore, a propagator set will maintain various climate conditions for seedlings and be portable from room temperatures for best root growth. This is a perfect gift, no doubt!

It features a seed tray, a base tray, and a transparent dome.

The seed tray comprises the 40-cell insert. This is an easy way to grow plants from cuttings and sow seeds. The drain holes are for regulating water consumption to avoid overwatering.

Conversely, the base tray holds the excess water from the seed tray. It’s ideal for propagating and hydroponic. You can use the bottom filled with water to supply water for the roots to absorb enough.

Finally, the transparent dome plays several roles. First, it’s a protective cover for the sowed seeds or cuttings from external damage. Also, it allows you to see the progress of the seeds. Better yet, it provides warmth and humidity to the seeds.

Gardener Small Batch Bar Soap

Working on a garden is not an easy task. Aside from the fatigue, there’s also the dirt aspect. The clothes will get dirty and wash them, but the dirt will also impact the hands.

Most people can tell a gardener just by how their hands feel and look; hard and rough. Therefore, change this narrative for your green thumb loved one. A gardener’s soap will not just clean the dirt but will also exfoliate the hands.

Moreover, it’s also gentle and moisturizes all skin types to keep the hands feeling soft. Besides, it has a striking deodorizer that removes all the garden scents.

Garden Solar Lights

Without a doubt, the garden can be a place to relax and unwind when you are not working. Besides, plants have the natural habit of relaxing and refreshing one’s mind.

So, it would be best for a gardener to gift them something that will enable them to visit the garden even at night. Preferably garden solar lights are ideal both for aesthetics and functionality.

This garden solar light charges during the day using the sunlight and automatically turns on at night for up to 6 hours. Ensure the switch is ON always.

The white and warm LED design reflects the pattern creating a beautiful and romantic setting. Besides, it’s of glass and stainless steel for durability and beauty. The durable construction can also stand in nearly all weather conditions.

Valentine’s Day will never be the same old boring for the gardener!

Braiding Sweetgrass

If your green-thumbed loved one has a profound appreciation for plants, a top-rated book about plants will make a perfect gift. Braiding Sweetgrass is a celebrated Indigenous horticulturist who writes about scientific and spiritual wisdom on plants.

Overall, it’s a detailed book that creates a deep connection with the plants. This way, you learn how to care for them as they require.

Last but not least, one unique gift idea for gardeners is a paid botanical gardens trip. Being a passionate gardener can make you stay home for a prolonged time. As we all know, a little getaway from the busy life’s routine is healthy; mentally, socially, spiritually, and physically.

Because of this, a paid trip to botanical gardens would be an excellent surprise gift for your loved gardener. Your garden love birds can rejuvenate their minds and wander, gathering inspirations in the botanical gardens.

Final Word

Gardening is enjoyable and a source of pride for the gifted green thumb fellows. Most probably, the beloved gardener in your is full of excitement to share their experience and progress over the holiday when you visit.

Even though gardens and their gardeners are different, the gardening gifts are versatile for any holiday. Better yet, the gifts don’t matter on their level of experience, either. The above gifts are just as thoughtful for beginner gardeners with small gardens or experts who have maintained a greenhouse for a long time. 

Merry Christmas to you and your gardener!

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