How to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden- simple hacks to save your little yard

How to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden

Planting sunflowers in your backyard or planning to harvest a sunflower garden, you must be wondering what you need to be prepared for. Well, in case you line in an area that has deer, then you need to protect your garden ahead from them.

Deer are known to be invaders in gardens wiping out flowers and fruits, and farmers are fed up with them. Like other flowers and plants, sunflowers are also one of the favorite plants and flowers of the deer.

We have brought you quick tips and tricks to let you know how to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden and save you from big frustration and loss in your absences.

Why do you need to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden?

A warning alert for you! “Deer loves sunflower.”

They like it so much that they can wipe all your garden in hours. Sunflowers are rich in protein, so they are a great food source for deer, plus they eat the plants and even the small young buds too. With a bright, attractive appearance, sunflowers are loved by the deer equally as they are to us.

Some hunters especially plant sunflowers garden to attract deer and capture them. So before planting, be well prepared on how you are going to keep deer out of your sunflowers yard to avoid the pain of losing the plants.

Figuring out deer activity in your sunflowers garden?

While you saw your destroyed garden in the morning or partially damaged plants, you need to figure out either this a deer activity or some other animal is messing around. To check for deer activity, you can watch out for these signs:

  • Nibbled produce by the deer
  • Sunflower buds and young plants eaten
  • Deer can reach up to 6 -feet height, so leaves bitten up to that height
  • Hoofprints on the ground soil
  • Deer black droppings
  • Roughly clipped leaves of the sunflowers

How to keep deer out of your sunflowers yard?

Don’t drop your plan of planting a sunflowers garden; we understand how lovely those bright sunny flowers look, and we are here for your rescue. To save your beautiful yard from their invasion, apply some safety measures.

Although deer are quite intelligent animals and they can detect any protection and how to bypass it quickly, so you have to make a combined strategy with multiple methods to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden.

Here is a list of effective tips and methods to keep your garden safe from deer activity and let your flowers bloom brightly.

Remove attractions

First things first, if you need to save your flowers or fruits in your garden, remove them as quickly as you can from the garden, so the deer don’t get attracted by its smell or by seeing them in your garden. Also, for plants that are deer favorite, try to grow them on the internal side of the yard rather than at the boundary so that they don’t invite them into your sunflower yard.

Apply fences

Another great measure to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden is to build fences around the backyard or garden. But you may be thinking that the wooden fences or the barbed wire may make your garden look unpleasing, and the view will be affected. Invisible fencing with the fish wire is a super solution to this problem; you can protect your sunflowers garden without making the garden looked closed and unappealing.

Threatening the deer away

Tree wraps or nets can threaten the deer from entering or rubbing their antlers on the plants. Also with clattering pans or moving steel cans can give an impression of human presence in the garden keeping the deer away from your sunflowers. You can also just wrap some of the plants that are young and newly blossomed flowers so that deer don’t eat them away.

Unpleasant odors

Another way of keeping deer away from eating your sunflowers is to spray unpleasant odors around the plants. Garlic, egg, decaying fish heads, mothball repel the deer away. Some strong-smelling plants such as marigold or lavender also shush the deer away, and they don’t enter in areas with such strong odors.

Sprinkle soap

Sprinkling shredded soaps before seeding and around the plants will keep deer away from your sunflowers garden for months. Use a highly fragrant soap so that the deer are repelled by its odor, but make sure don’t use a plant or coconut type smelling soap as that will attract them.

Repellent sprays

There many deer repellent sprays that affect the deer’s sense of smell and taste so that they can’t figure out the taste of the flowers or their smell, and as a result, they won’t return to your garden and destroy your beloved sunflowers. These sprays come in many odors like rotten eggs, decaying animals, or fish that make the deer go away from your garden.

Grow deer repellent plants

Deer likes good-smelling and tasty plants just like humans. So growing plants with a pungent smell and bad taste around your garden can make them lure away from your sunflowers garden. Plants such lavender, chives, or garlic smell ad and not desirable in taste to deer will repel them from your garden, and they won’t even come inside to nibble on your sunflowers.

Motion detecting sprinklers

Water sprays are also a great trick to avoid deer entering your sunflowers garden. Installing motion-detecting sprinklers that activate when deer enter your garden will scare them away effectively, and they won’t return for a long time for sure. This is a safe and environment-friendly option for protection, plus it will keep any other animals from your garden too.

Create a level in the yard

Deer don’t like to climb up or walk on slopes. So create difficult navigation in your gardens like slopes, wooden stacks, or sunken holes that make it difficult for them to reach the main garden and eat plants, and they will get bored and return halfway. With levels in your garden, you can make it look great while the deer are kept away from your plants.

Keep a dog on guard.

Keeping a dog on guard is one of the best solutions to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden and other animals from destroying your plants. A dog will bark whenever deer enters the garden and will alarm you, plus scare the deer away. Seeing a presence in the garden will keep them at bay, and they won’t dare to enter.

Thorny shrubs to repel deer

Thorny and trough texture shrubs and plants are also good for keeping the deer away from your garden. Russian olive shrubs or boxwood plants are avoided by deer as they are itchy and rough plus very unpleasant to eat. So growing such shrubs or plants to act as a boundary for your garden is a wise decision, but they may act as weeds sometimes, so with proper research, grow any deer repellent shrubs or plants.


Growing hedges tall enough for deer to climb and see into your garden is also a preferable and organic choice for your garden. Hedges will block the view of deer, and also, they may be thorny enough to let them climb or enter your garden. Also with shrubs and hedges that don’t provide space for deer to hide and attack your garden and don’t have any left spaces to creep into are good, so make sure you maintain your hedges frequently.

Moving decorations

Moving pans, cans, and decorations that rotate or make noise continuously with the wind like a wind chime will give an impression to deer that the area is unsafe and busy so that they would avoid it. Continuously moving decorations and also multiple wind chimes, be it wooden or metal, are great for creating a busy landscape keeping the deer away from your sunflowers garden.

Electrical posts or noise creators

Installing electrical posts in the garden topped with favorite deer plants will attract them and, when touched, will give a mild electrical shock to them. This will scare them away, and they won’t try to nibble on any plants in your garden. Sirens, whistles, or loud sounds also make them run away from your garden, and they won’t return to eat your beautiful flowers.


Which plants are best for repelling deer?

Marigold and lavenders are plants that have a strong aroma and known to be good deer repellent

Do tactics need to be changed season-wise?

Yes, a different deterrent or method each season will confuse them and keep them out of your garden

How to apply a fence that doesn’t affect your yard’s look?

Install an invisible fence by using fish wire to protect your garden without affecting its aesthetics.

Summing it up!

Keeping deer out from your sunflowers garden is a hard task as they love them and will try their best to have a bite of this delicious flower. Try to rotate the repellent’s positions and maintain the shrubs, plants, etc., so that the deer can’t figure out your complete protection plan and your flowers are safe from any damage.

Hopefully, you have now well understood how to keep deer out of your sunflowers garden throughout the flower-bearing season. Follow these simple yet very effective tricks, and you won’t have to regret it later by seeing your destroyed sunflower garden.

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