The Ultimate John Deere z525e Zero-turn mower Review

John Deere z525e Reveiws

When purchasing gardening tools, potential buyers go for credible, trusted brands. And talking of credibility, John Deere is the first name that pops up in mind. They have been in the game for many decades now, supplying to gardeners and homeowners powerful, durable and versatile tools.  Most importantly, their zero turn mowers are well-reputed, and the John Deere z525e lives up to the legacy.  

This zero turn mower is an improvement to the EZTrak 425 as it comes more powerful, convenient, with ample storage, and offers more comfort. But what will delight you most is how it brilliantly combines the simplicity of a push mower and the power of a riding mower. Most of its body is built of heavy-duty material, therefore, making it one of the best heavy-duty residential mowers you can have.

The steel frame makes it durable and enables it to stand strong even in the harshest weather conditions.  Also featuring a comfortable padded seat, you can work for long durations without feeling the strain.

To see more power and faster optimal cuts, it packs a booming 22HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. This engine, paired with a low centre of gravity, makes it one of the best riding lawn mowers for hills.

Its ability to work several other accessories also makes it a very versatile mower.  Based on the attachment you’re using, you can mow, mulch, or bag the grass clippings .

John Deere z525 reviews

Key features

Zero-turn capability – It turns at a zero degrees radius, making it easy to turn around in small tight areas. When turning, it leaves no grass uncut, saving your time since you only make a single pass.  This feature also offers more maneuverability, and you can easily reach those hidden nooks around tress, fences and houses. You, therefore, don’t need a string trimmer.

Large deck – Featuring a 54-inch deck, this mower allows you to mow larger areas at a time. It’s also a steel deck built to withstand rust and other corrosive materials. The John Deere z25e also allows you to adjust the height of the deck between 0.25 and 1 inches. This is through a handle that’s next to your right side handle. Adjustable heights allow you to mow grass of different sizes and prevent scalping your lawn.

Engine and transmission – The John Deere z525e comes with a 22HP Briggs and Stratton Engine and a hydrostatic transmission. These two features allow it to work flawlessly while maintaining lower fuel consumption.

Brakes – This mower has an emergency break on the left side, and the usual brakes to make it safe when using it on a sloping terrain. These brakes also hold it in place when in parking mode to prevent it from rolling on it’s own.

Tracking controls – You can easily adjust the tracking of this mower through the operator panel. Place it on a level ground, and rotate the pin based on which side of the wheels you want to adjust.


  • The 22HP Briggs and Stratton Engine makes it powerful
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Works fast (8.5 mph) and offers quality cuts.
  • Comfortable as it has shock absorbers and handy controls.
  • Supports many attachments including tow-behind spreaders and sprayers.
  • Handles slightly inclined hills well.


  • It has starting problems as you need to use both hands; One for the key and other to hold the choke forward since it doesn’t stay engaged.
  • It lacks a brake pedal 
  • The mulching kit is sold separately 
  • It lacks a foot lever to adjust decker height    

Why a zero-turn mower?

Manoeuvre effortlessly. The zero-turn technology minimizes the turning radius of the mower, making it easy to take sharp corners. You can, therefore, seamlessly turn around in tight strained areas, mowing road side grass, around trees and flowerbeds, and hitting some problematic spots that a typical mower can’t reach. This completely stamps out  the need for a string trimmer.

Easy controls. Rather than using the traditional steering wheel, they are equipped with powered handles which offer more than just navigation.  With the help of these handles, you can  regulate the speed of the mower and also halt it since they act as brakes as well.  The handles also make it easy to shift from forward to reverse. Smaller operations, such as adjusting  seat weight, can also be done through the handle in some mowers.  

This unique steering system may take some time to master, but it’s more efficient and comfortable than the regular one.

Zero turn mowers are also equipped with hand brakes for emergency stopping or parking.

Mow fast. When it comes to mowing speeds, zero turn riding mowers are twice as fast as the conventional mowers.  This is a result of some factors, one of them being the 8mph cutting speed, double of what the latter can manage. And since they are stable due to a low COG, it is safe to mow at such high speeds.

Turning at zero degrees also speeds up the work. When taking turns at the end of a mowing row, traditional mowers are prone to leaving some parts untouched. This forces you go over the area a couple of times, spending more time. Because zero turn mowers require no turning radius, not even a single blade of grass is left standing. Also on this regard, turning around to begin a new row requires no special manoeuvres. This noticeably saves time.

Zero turn mowers also have large decks which cover a large ground.  This allows you to cover the whole area in just a few passes.  Much better as you won’t need to revisit the terrain later with a weed eater.

Cut like a professional.  A lawn with uniform cut patterns and smoothly straightened stripes always appeals to the eye. While it’s a challenge to achieve those quality stripes with a regular mower, a zero-turn mower makes it a quick easy task.  With the help of the convenient power handle, you can smoothly manoeuvre the mower, decorating the stripes and giving them distinct touches. The zero turning radius ensures that no grass is left uncut, therefore, achieving perfect patterns.

Increased versatility. A zero-turn mower doesn’t limit you on the use of attachments. You can attach baggers and mulchers that save you from the hassle of using a rake or manually distributing grass on the lawn.  You can also install a hitch and affix tow-behind spreaders, sprayers and even snowplows.

A wide variety of models to choose from. You can pick the perfect mower depending on the size of your lawn. Some are conveniently small to cover half an acre, while others will easily mow even a 5-acre terrain. 

Final thoughts

The John Deere z525e has all the features that any home owner may need. It is powerful, comfortable and easy to use. It also has a large deck, so whether your lawn is small-sized or 5-acred, the zero-turn mower will get the job done.

One thing that will seem weird is having to use both hands to start, but that should not be a challenge. Also, if this is your first time to operate a zero-turn mower, you might find the power handle a bit troublesome, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

All in all, the John Deere z525e is an all-powerful mower that is definitely worth your money.