The 10 Best Lawn Mowers for a Small Yard You Can Buy in 2021

Best Lawn Mowers for a small yard

The best lawn mowers for a small yard should at least be maneuverable, relatively cheaper, and easier to maintain. Working with a small yard is advantageous because the mowing experience is undoubtedly exciting, not tiring. To purchase a trimmer that suits your choice, some considerations need to be observed. Thorough or rather, intensive research enables you to know what exact features are needed for the best lawnmower.

Often, buyers tend to purchase good quality in terms of how leveled the grass is trimmed or the size of the mower. However, it is quite hectic if one does not know what features he/she is looking for.

Fortunately, compiled down below is a list of 10 best lawn mowers for a small yard. It will suit your preference regarding how the grass should be shred or even the maintenance cost.

Best Lawn Mowers for a small yard

Best overall: American Mower Black Electric Lawn Corded Mower

This mower is among the best lawn mowers for a small yard because of the smooth operation. Not forgetting the variety of height settings, enabling it to affect the quantity of grass trimmed. This Mower, it easily functions by adjusting the height and pushing it towards the direction you are cutting the grass. Inclusive of the heat-treated steel alloy blades, it is both heavy-duty as well as enduring. Storage isn’t much of a bother because of its reasonable size that doesn’t need much space.

Best in strength: Greenworks Electric Corded Mower for Lawns

Greenworks Electric Mower includes a durable and well-built electric motor with an adaptable variety of settings. This small mower can trim grass regardless of how tall it is. Having seven in-built levels of height makes it easier to adjust it to the height of the grass.

Best in sound: Ego Power Lithium Volt Cordless Mower for Lawns

Ego Power happens to be one of the best lawn mowers for small yards, especially because it happens to dispose of grass trimmed in various ways; mulching, side discharge, or even bagging. Most lawn mowers produce the sound that is both loud and unpleasing. As for this Mower, it produces less sound that does not cause discomfort while trimming.

American Lawn Mower Company Electric Lawn Corded Mower

The American Lawn Mower is one of the best lawn mowers for a small yard. It designed with an 11 AMP robust built motor with a tight grip when cutting the grass. Therefore it is not limited to trimming or even completely cutting the entire uneven yard. It  has a comforting designed handle of cushion material that allows your arm to rest. The retention ability is impressive as well in that it has a capacity of 9.25 gallons for storage.

Being easily portable does not restrict movement, thus moving easily. The wheeled gear has 7 inches built wheels. Features of the blades are stainless blade steel that guarantees a longer lifetime for the product. With the sleek design and compact body design, the weight is extraordinarily complimentary for the yard.

User Critic

Several users stated that the blade of this mower is sharpened even though they did not sharpen it for several days. A disclaimer is that the Mower is returnable, but as a buyer, you have a sum of amount to pay before returning the product.


  • Convenient for use
  • Alterable cut height
  • Sharp, long-lasting blades
  • Friendly noise pollution


  • The designed frame of the Mower is not durable.


Rated 5 stars, the American Mower speaks for itself, making it outshine being the best for any yard considering the various heights of the grass.

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

A list of the best lawn mower for a small yard wouldn’t be complete without green works products. This Greenworks Mower has smooth 7 inch wheels anchored to the trimmer for swift coverage on the small yard. An amazing included feature is the steel deck with an enormous weight since it is long-lasting. With the 12 AMP motor backup, the grass is trimmed at an impressive level. This Mower is highly preferred for the garden, for it is liable to overgrowth of weeds by a fast start button.

With this lawn mower for a small yard, the results after intensive cutting and trimming are neat grass and last a shorter time compared to the rest. Having seven in-built height adjustment levels pave the way to either raise or even lower the body during trimming according to the height you want to achieve. For effective work, the Mower should be small to work with. Fortunately, the body’s design is durable and compact. Thus, it is not limited to working in tight places.

When this corded electric lawn mower is not in use, the handles that are easily folded, are folded and stored in the rear bag. 

User Critic

A handful mentioned that the customer service is commendable, although the warranty is not fully guaranteed. In addition to what is aired out, it states that assembling the Mower to work is not a delicate task since it is lightweight.


  • Long-lasting
  • Foldable handles
  • Height is alterable
  • Well-built motor
  • Compact 


  • Complaints of smoke emulsion from the motor from a few users
  • Poor quality of plastic bearing the motor


Although the Mower is small in size, the dirt bag comes through since it can accumulate a handful of dirt, making it effective for cleaning.

Ego Power Lithium-ion cordless Lawn Mower

As mentioned earlier, the 3 in 1 device is efficient since it; can side discharge, mulching, and bagging. The Ego Power Lithium-ion cordless Lawn Mower is preferred than the rest because of its 30% less sound. It is also convenient for both cleaning and storage purposes. 

With the start push button, the best small lawn mower eases the operations throughout the yard. The device is also not limited to various weathers. The battery power range is 5.0 Ah, thus quickly charging.

User Critic

Most users highly recommend Ego Power because it is of low sound and does not disrupt the environment with noise. Unfortunately, the small electric lawn mower does not come inclusive of a charger. 


  • Multi-faceted
  • Easy start button
  • Compact
  • Variety methods of disposal
  • Solidly built design


  • Needs advancement in the clipping system


What more to look for in a small mower other than good quality and low sound? Well then, the Ego Power Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower is the right fit.

 Greenworks 14-inchCordless Lawn Mower 

This Lawn Mower is suitable for small yards with a lot of grass because the bagging capacity is huge. The 14-inch lawn mower for a small yard trims up to almost any height of the grass. To meet your aesthetic preferences, the leaver-based height adjustment helps you trim other pathways or even leave them clearer.

Having a battery capacity of up to 4.0 AH, the batteries hold a charge for quite some time, allowing you to work intensively before charging it again. Additionally, due to its lightweight, movement is not limited because it is easy to lift back and forth.

User Critic

Although the packaging didn’t arrive as expected, several users state that the customer service was pleasing and immediate feedback was given. The product has a warranty of 4 years without changing the ownership to another buyer.


  • Height alteration
  • Easily detachable bag
  • Highly appropriate for small yards
  • Offers features of both mulching and bagging
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Charger is long-lasting


  • A few users complain it is not versatile.


The cordless Greenworks battery mower is preferable because of its amicable battery capacity that does not need charging every time. 

Power Smart Propelled Gas Mower

The Power Smart Propelled Gas Mower is applicable in both medium and small yards. Working other the influence of gas, it operates in a self-propelled manner. Trimming of the grass becomes neat, and the roots don’t appear shaggy. It is easily portable because of the wheels allocated in the tool.

This self-propelled mower for small yards works best for side discharging, mulching, and also bagging. Having defined and durable blades make trimming grass less dainty. The height is easily alterable and can change from as low as 1.18 to 3.15 inches as well as eight different trimming postures.

User Critic

Many users are thrilled on how well it functions and inclusive of refilling the oil, it works to perfection.


  • Adjustable speed control 
  • High-quality body structure
  • Impressive 3 in 1 feature
  • Consumes little space
  • The drive wheel is rear
  • Superb cooling system


  • A few users found it appropriate for flat lawns.


This lawn mower is suitable for small yards and stations that are difficult to trim because it is not limited to power and is thus not prone to power shortage.

American Lawn Mower Reel Push Mower

The American Lawn Mower Reel Push Mower has an oil-free composition without gas. Fortunately, while using the grass cutting process, you rarely find unpleasing hassles of gas. With the lightweight feature and assured brand durability, purchasing the product is safe to meet your expectation. The four alloy steel blades enable trimming as well as smooth edging.

This lightweight lawn mower is suitable for chopping tough weeds and looking for an eco-friendly grass trimmer? The American Reel Push Mower is appropriate to suit your specifications. You can as well as cut grass that ranges from 0.05-1.75 inches easily.

User Critic

Some complaints arose because the handle is fixed thus cannot move according to the direction of your choice. However, it is easy to attach the body parts of the Mower after getting the package.


  • Easily portable
  • Minimum noise produced
  • Superb products that complement its price


  • Time-consuming


The blades are quite effective for trimming and making the environment friendly because of low noise pollution.

Black+ DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Small Lawn Mower

The Black + DECKER Electric Small Lawn Mower has the 3 in 1 feature inclusive. 

With a 6.5 AMP motor capacity, its amazing power drive allows extraordinary trimming of either grasses or even weeds. Overgrown plants can bet cut too.

The cutting capacity ranges from 1.6 inches to about 2.4 inches with a sideway trimming width path of approximately 12 inches. The small riding lawn Mower is easily adjustable and easily portable, thus restricting movement. Not to forget that the handle is stylish and comfortable for the user. It has an Automated Feed Spool feature that comes in handy to prevent bumps during grass cutting.

User Critic

Although it is not self-propelled, its relatively lightweight nature makes it easier than a heavy Lawn Mower.


  • The timer feature is amazing
  • Doesn’t require much effort
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Suitable for small yards


  • Weak base thus not durable
  • Cordless is disadvantageous


The lightweight lawn Mower is appropriate when working in small yards since the battery levels are not that efficient.

Great States Push Reel Mower

The lawnmower does not function under the influence of fuel nor electricity. With the five-strong bladed feature mounted in between its wheel, there is an effective cutting of the grass, thus not requiring a lot of man skill. The t-format on the handle accelerates the Mower movement, making it easy and effective to use.

The blades are easily adjustable according to the grass; you are trimming, enabling perfection to be the outward result. As mentioned earlier, not working under the influence of gas nor electricity creates an eco-friendly environment, so you should not bother being a nuisance to the neighbors.

User Critic

Some users have positive remarks about how sharpened the blades are and how often they sharpen them when blunt. The small riding lawn mower is effective for both trimming of grass as well as cutting weeds.


  • Long-lasting blades
  • Produces no noise
  • Well-to-do- with when working
  • Height is alterable
  • Effective 


  • Some complain it is limited to cutting weed


Having an average star rating makes it conducive for small lawn mowing.

Husqvarna Lawn FWD Gas Mower

This specific Mower is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards that require deep trimming depths. This is because of its sharp blades. This tends to make the work more convenient because who wants a Mower that isn’t doing the job as expected? The Husqvarna Lawn Gas Mower fits to do the job at its best. Certainly, portability makes the job quite effective because it does not restrict your movement since it is not bulky. 

The light weight lawn mower is also effective for cutting weeds need I mention the sharpness of the blades that does it to perfection.

User critic

A few users highlighted how it is ineffective that it is limited to trimming long grass, but others are impressed on how it operates with no complications so far.


  • Easy to function
  • Highly effective especially when cutting weed
  • Works for both medium and small yards


  • The adjustment of the cables is weak


Purchasing and setting up the package is easily applicable by any user. However, the wheels are not the very best if being frank.

Black+ Decker Corded 13 AMP Mowers

This model has also earned it’s place in the best lawn mowers for a small yard. Having produced various types of garden tools, Black Decker is known for its amazing masterpieces. It is easy to use and is a requirement to be used in the house. There is an induced built motor of 13 AMP to boost effective operations. For convenient storage, a 13-gallon grass collecting bag is included in the edger.

Movement is not limited since it is easily portable. With seven sets, one can easily change the height of the Mower. The blades of the lawnmower for the small yard are finely adjusted to meet your specifications. At a range of 1-1/2 inch to 4 inches and equivalently 20 inches of width, the grass is possible for cutting.

Nonetheless, being small cleaning the tool is not too much work. To favor the user, the handles are made comfortably when cutting the grass.

User Critic

The majority of the users agree that customer care services are very poor and have no immediate feedback.


  • Brilliant edger for grass trimming
  • Easy to handle
  • Adjustments are easy


  • Not durable


Positive reviews mostly on how evenly the Black Decker shreds the grass well make it have an average ranking on different sites.

Factors to consider when choosing the best lawn mowers for a small yard

Outlined below are some considerations you need to make when purchasing a trimmer. Nobody would want to spend their money on a product that will favor your preference.

·         How the mowers operate

Picking the product is tiring, but nothing better than getting something that will bring you joy at the end. Performance is vital because the lawn mowers don’t operate the same. Identifying the engine itself is important. The engines vary from 140cc-190cc; thus, you should consider how it will function in your yard before purchasing it.

·         Good Quality

Expensive mowers have complex features that make it better than the poor quality mowers. Spending more on high quality is much better than going for less, which is poor quality. The fixation fee once the poor Mower is worn out is more costly than buying the better product. However, the costly trimmer is of high quality and has a warranty of up to one year, or more so you will not incur any loss.

·         Awareness

Before making a decision on which lawn mower to pick, take your time to scroll and read the comments made by other users. The highly recommended website is Amazon since it is discrete. Every brand has its flaws, ones you should be aware of before buying the trimmers of your choice.

·         Long-lasting

How do you know if the lawn mower will last a long time? The trimmer should not be a difficult tool for you to operate in your yard. Factors to consider are such as if the oil is fully consumed are refilling hectic or how does it function with little influence from the gas.

·         Safety

One thing to consider always is your safety as the user, as well as the tool used. Having a bumper contributes majorly to keeping your Mower I shape. If a collision happens with the bumper intact, the possibility of the trimmer not working is minor. However, not all mowers have bumpers but contact the manufacturer for add-to bumpers instead of being at risk.

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