The Best Corded Hedge Trimmer You Can Buy Today

Best Corded Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for any homeowner. It is the key to having a beautiful, appealing hedge; one that is in a good shape. Most importantly, a corded hedge trimmer is light, powerful and very convenient. It makes hedge maintenance, even on tall, overgrown hedges, a simple, effortless task.

When buying the best corded hedge trimmer, there are several factors you need to consider.

In this article, we get to review the 7 best corded hedge trimmers and the factors to consider when buying a corded trimmer. And since there is a lot more to know about corded hedge trimmers, we have included some other separate sections.

But first things first.

Best Overall – Black+Decker 2455 Hedge Trimmer

When looking for an electric hedge trimmer, you probably want a compact, lightweight tool that won’t be a burden. Weighing at only 6.75 pounds, the Black+Decker 2455 allows you to workfor hours without feeling the strain. And for a more comfortable trimming experience, this electric hedge trimmer has a full wrap-around handle. This one is a good example of an ergonomic handle and allows you to operate even with one hand.

Despite the sleek, lightweight design, this corded hedge trimmer is able to tackle tough hedges. It has a 24-inch dual-action blade that can cut ¾ inches deep. Made of hardened steel, it effortlessly penetrates through hard and thick branches and is durable as well. The blade works at 3600 strokes per minute and delivers fast clean cuts.

Behind that conveniently fast cutting rate is a powerful 4.0 Amp motor. Starting it only involves pushing a trigger, and for safety purposes, there is a lock off switch. The motor won’t work unless you manually engage the switch.  While this might sound a little inconvenient, it prevents accidental starting of the motor and makes it easy to halt it just by releasing.

Also included is a cord retainer and a hand guard to shield your hand from shredded debris. You also enjoy a 2-year limited warranty, courtesy of Black+Decker.

User impressions

The lightweight design and comfortable handle are among the things users applaud. They are also impressed by how easy it is to use even for absolute starters. However, they complain that it doesn’t work so well with thick branches.

Why we like it

  • A lightweight compact design
  • A comfortable rotating handle
  • Low vibration rate
  • A convenient reciprocating rate (3600 SPM)
  • Sensibly priced

What we dont like

  • Doesn’t come with a blade cover
  • The cord retainer sometimes fails

Our verdict

Whether you are treating a natural or overgrown hedge, this trimmer will come through. Even better as you will work without fatigue or hand aches. It’s all worth your investment.

Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer

Managing wildly grown hedges can sometimes be nerve-wracking. But with the help of a sturdy trimmer like the Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer, it’s just a snap. This electric hedge trimmerboasts of a 25-inch dual-action blade whose blade teeth can cut ½ an inch through branches.

It is powered by a potent 4.6 Amp motor that sees an impressive cutting rate of 1600 strokes per minute. At such a rate, optimal cuts are achieved and noise and vibration levels are very low.

Yet another thing to impress you is the comfortable ergonomic handle. Though it is not rotatable, it offers a tight soft grip and eliminates fatigue and hand strains.

Probably the biggest downside is that both of your hands have to be engaged. The trimmer has two triggers which have to be compressed for the motor to run. This is, however, for your own safety.

This corded hedge trimmer weighs at 8.1 pounds which, though some people consider bulky, is convenient and manageable. There is a retainer, so you don’t have to worry about the cord disconnecting every now and then. A transparent handguard keeps your hands from debris while also letting you monitor the work area. 

User impressions

Users are impressed and refer to the electric trimmer as an amazing tool. It handles bushy hedges so well and also offers great balance. The safety also work well and don’t burden the user that much

Why we like it

  • A 25-inch blade
  • A robust motor
  • Operates quietly with little vibration
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a blade and tip cover

What we dont like

  • A bit pricey
  • Requires two hands to operate
  • A little bulky

Our verdict

Though it comes at a high price, you certainly get the value for any spent coin. If you’ve been afraid of facing the overgrown hedge, this could be your best friend. With its robust features, it will get you covered.

Best Lightweight – Sun Joe HJ22HTE 22-Inch 3.5 Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer

The Sun Joe HJ22HTE breaks the record when it comes to lightweight hedge trimmers. This piece of equipment weighs at only 5 pounds! Surprisingly at such a meager weight, it’s still able to cut satisfyingly. Its blade is 22 inches long and cuts ⅔ inches through the branches. Though this cutting depth is quite small, it is compensated well by a powerful 3.5 Amp motor.

Through its full wrap-around ergonomic handle, this corded hedge trimmer offers you comfort like no other. And since the tool is also super-light, you can work for long durations without any worries.

Just like any other good trimmer, the Sun Joe HJ22HTE has a handguard to keep your hands safe. However, it is not transparent. For safety purposes, there is a safety switch at the rear handle.

This machine operates quietly and comes at a very affordable price. Its blades are made of stiff stainless steel to stand the test of time.

User impressions

It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Most users had their doubts due to the low price tag it comes with. However, the product performed far better than they expected. They particularly love the super-light-weight, ergonomic handle and the efficient safety trigger.

Why we like it

  • Very light
  • Affordable
  • Features a safety switch
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Operates quietly

What we dont like

The cutting capacity is quite low

Our verdict

The question is: Should you buy this electric hedge trimmer or not? Yes, if you are a regular homeowner with a naturally-grown hedge. It works perfectly for small hedges. You might want to consider bigger options if you want to treat a thick overgrown fence.

Best Value – Scotts Outdoor Power tools HT10020S Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Any potential buyer out there will appreciate an affordable product. Much better if the product has solid features. The Scotts HT10020S favors you money-wise yet performs almost as equally as those trimmers costing an arm and a leg.

The first favourite feature is the 20-inch dual-action steel blade that has been hardened for durability and to withstand harsh branches. The teeth can penetrate up to ⅝ inches, which is good enough for most hedges. This electric-powered equipment features a 3.0 Amp motor that delivers a whopping 3400 strokes per minute rate.

As for the weight, no worries since 4.8 pounds is manageable by literally anybody. The handle is not rotatable but is an ergonomic one that offers comfy grips and won’t cause any strain. Usage is straightforward as you don’t need to squeeze any trigger to keep the motor running. Just activate it with a button push and you’re good to go.

For the safety of your hand, there is an opaque plastic handguard. A built-in retainer holds the cord firm and keeps it from disconnecting. Also included is a cover for both the blade and the tip. You get to enjoy a limited 3-year warranty.

User impressions

Besides the positive user reviews, this product boasts of an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge. Users say that it is the perfect size for them and is light and maneuverable as well. They are also impressed by its ability to tackle dense hedges. However, users complained that even with the retainer hook engaged, the cord keeps coming out.

Why we like it

  • Affordable
  • Light and maneuverable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • A 3-year industrial warranty

What we dont like

  • Not so powerful
  • Faulty cord retainer

Our verdict

Despite the few downsides, this corded hedge trimmer is a good fit. Users complain so much forgetting that this is a budget tool. It performs satisfyingly, and it will come through for you if you are operating at a restrained budget. 

Best for Tall Hedges – Garcare 4.8A Multi-Angled 2-in-1 Pole and Portable Hedge Trimmer

Thick overgrown, hedges are challenging but tall, towering ones can be quite cumbersome. Any homeowner will tell you just how hard it is to shear an overly tall hedge. Much worse if it has not been attended to for a long time. How do you cut it out? With an extended reach trimmer such as the Garcare 4.8 A.

It comes with an extension pole whose reach ranges between 7.4 and 9 inches. This pole is connected easily through the rear part of the handle. Operating with the pole engaged is all smooth as the rear handle has 5 positions. This gives you a nice angle to trim the high sections of the hedge effortlessly.

On top of the extension pole, this electric equipment has a 20-inch dual-action blade and a robust 4.8Amp motor. The blade teeth can manage ¾ inches, adding to the efficiency of the machine.

When not using the pole, the handle gives you a comfortable easy grip. It is covered with soft pads and apart from the 5 rear positions, the head is pivotal and has 6 positions. There is also a shoulder strap that keeps your hands from fatigue.Trimming has never gotten that comfortable.

Generally, this hedge trimmer operates silently with little vibrations. It also features a handguard and a cord lock to keep the cord from disconnecting.

User critic

Users are happy to finally get a solution for the cumbersome tall fences. According to them,this extended reach hedge trimmer works smoothly with the pole connected. However, they complain that the weight of the whole unit comes at the base of the pole, bringing fatigue.

Why we like it

  • Perfect solution for tall hedges
  • Powerful
  • A highly flexible and ergonomic handle
  • Sensibly priced
  • Durable

What we dont like

It becomes unstable when the pole is connected.

Our verdict

If you are having a tall hedge and are wondering how to tame it, this extendable trimmer is destined for you. There is no need to risk using a ladder whereas there is a convenient, risk-free option. Buy the Garcare 4.8 A today.

Greenworks 22-inch 4 Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer 2200102

The Greenworks 2200102 is well-suited for homeowners looking to decorate their hedges and keep them in good shape. Among the things it boasts of is a 22-inch dual-action  blade which has a capacity to cut 9/16 inches through branches. Powered by a 4 Amp motor, this Greenworks product achieves maximum precision and efficiency.

Right off the box, the corded hedge trimmer looks sleek and appealing. It weighs at only 7.1 pounds, which most people will find convenient. It also features an ergonomic wrap-around handle, which keeps strains and hand aches at bay.

What’s more?

A transparent hand guard is there to protect your hand and also a cord lock to prevent accidental disconnections of the cord.

User impressions

Drawing conclusions from what users say, the most impressive thing about this hedge trimmer is the perfect balance and ergonomic handle. There were complains that the cord is not long enough and needs to be extended.

Why we like it

  • Very affordable
  • A powerful 4-Amp motor
  • Easy to use
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Cuts smoothly and quietly

What we dont like

It is not ideal for thick hedges

Our verdict

This electric hedge trimmer will work well only for hedge maintenance. But without any doubt, it is one of the best for such jobs. It comes at a friendly price, so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

7.Earthwise CVPH 43018 Corded Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Earthwise CVPH 43018 is an alternative to the Garcare 4.8 A extended reach hedge trimmer. It also supports an extension pole but this one extends up to 8.8 feet, unlike the latter that goes up 9.2 feet.

All in all, this corded hedge trimmer is effective in its work and delivers sure, clean cuts. It is embodied with an 18-inch dual-action blade, whose teeth penetrate 11/16 inches deep.

It is also not left out when it comes to offering comfort. Featuring an ergonomic rotatable handle, you can be sure to work for hours without any complains. The 9.1-lb weight is, however, a downside, especially when using the extension pole. Nevertheless, there is a shoulder strap you can use to ease this off a little.

Lastly, there is a transparent handguard for obvious purposes. You will also benefit from a 2-year warranty, courtesy of Earthwise.

User impressions

Users praise how easy it makes it to hit high spots. According to the users, trimming a tall hedge only takes 10 minutes with this handy tool. However, they complain that the whole unit becomes so bulky when extended with the pole.

Why we like it

  • A 2-in-1 tool
  • Handy even with the pole connected
  • An ergonomic handle
  • It’s powerful
  • Comes with a cover for the blade and tip

What we dont like

  • It’s bulky
  • Comes with a short blade

Our verdict

This product has a few cons but we believe it is right for you. However, depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose this or the  Garcare 4.8A.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Corded Hedge Trimmer

Hedge type

 The nature of the hedge determines the type of hedge trimmer you will buy. Is it an ordinary hedge or a tall overgrown one that requires special handling? 

If it’s the former, a conventional trimmer with an 18” blade and 3Amp motor will get it done. These trimmers are convenient for the regular maintenance task.

However, for chunky, dense hedges, you are going to require a more robust trimmer with a longer blade and greater motor power. It will help you tackle the job quickly without going over the area a couple of times.

For tall hedges, an extended reach trimmer like the Garcare 4.8A is the best choice.

Blade length

How long the blade is determines how fast you can get the job done. A long blade is always convenient as you can cover an area with a single touch. Blade length ranges between 10 and 25 inches, and depending on your trimming needs, you can choose the most ideal one. 


A corded hedge trimmer can be as light as 3.5 lbs or go all the way to 10 lbs. Weight is crucial as it determines the duration of time you can use the trimmer. A bulky trimmer will quickly become a burden, while you can work for hours with a sleek light one. The lighter it is, the better.

However, to achieve a light weight, manufacturers compromise features such as blade size and motor power. You will find that the light ones have short blades and less powerful motors. Before picking on a particular trimmer due to its meager weight, make sure that other features are satisfactory as well.

Ergonomic handle

Apart from the weight, the type of handle used will also determine how long you can work without feeling strained. Nowadays, hedge trimmers come with rubber padded handles for soft comfortable grips. Others go to the extent of using rotatable handles. These handles enhance maneuverability and take comfort to a whole other level.

Proximity of the hedge

How far is the hedge from the power source? Most trimmers come with cords that can extend to the farthest end of your property. If the cord is short, you can always extend it. However, you can resort to a cordless trimmer if the hedge extends quite far.


 It might sound a bit traditional but the manufacturer matters a big deal when it comes to the best corded hedge trimmer. Always buy from a credible company. Their tools are durable and come with a fairly long warranty. 

Why a corded trimmer?

Light- They are lightweight since there is no battery or engine to add on the weight.

Cheap- They are generally pocket-friendly. You can get a corded hedge trimmer with as little as 30$.

Convenient- Unlike battery-powered trimmers, you don’t have to go for breaks to wait for the battery to recharge. However, the cord can be a bother and lowers maneuverability.

Durable- Corded trimmers don’t have many internal parts and, therefore, are less likely to get damaged. They only call for a little maintenance.


Is a corded trimmer better than a cordless trimmer?

Each of the two has its pros and cons. A corded trimmer is light, cheap and convenient in the sense that you don’t require take breaks for recharges. However, the cord limits you and makes the unit less maneuverable.

Battery trimmers let you trim your property freely. No cord to restrain you. However, the battery adds on to the weight and most of them run for an hour. Cordless trimmers are also more expensive

Is a corded hedge trimmer safe to use?

It is quite safe. However, be careful not to cut the power cord. It might lead to electrocution.

Are hedge trimmers worth it?

Yes they are worth your money. They make hedge maintenance easier and less time-consuming. They also guarantee quality results. With a hedge trimmer, you can do those professional touches, and make your fence look more appealing.

How thick a branch can a hedge trimmer cut?

This depends on the trimmer. Some can cut ¾ inches, others ½ , ⅝ .

Are hedge trimmers good for tall hedges?

They are ideal. Actually, some of them come with extension and are specifically meant for the most towering of hedges.