The Best Self-Watering Globes you can buy in 2022

Best self-watering globes

If you plan to go away for a while, get the best self-watering globe for your house plants. Self-watering globes come in different beautiful shades, sizes, and materials from metal, plastic, and glass. They have the shape of a typical globe. The upper part is for storing water, while the long narrow neck is where you insert in the ground to allow water to drip slowly through and into the soil—what a beautiful way to water your plants.

As the market is full of many options, we have a review and buying guide of the best self-watering globes for you. This should make your shopping less challenging. But first;

How Do Watering Globes Work?

A drip at a time feeds your plant slowly and steadily. The small opening at the base of the long narrow neck limits water escaping into the soil. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overwatered plants when you are not close. Read on.

To see how effective it is, you must use it. So how do you use a self-watering globe for plants?

Fill the globe with water and overturn it. Steadily, push the long-narrow neck into the soil. Be careful not to break it, especially if it is a glass watering globe. It might injure your hands. When the aqua globe is firmly in the soil, it will start working immediately.

Instantly, little water will escape into the ground, and then after like two drips, the process will even out, limiting the rate the globe empties. The state of the soil at the opening will determine the status of water emptying in the globe. 

Before pushing in the long thin neck, you should make a hole with your finger on the soil as a point of insertion. The end of insertion will enable the watering globe’s precision in the ground and clear the dirt out of the way to avoid clogging in the neck. Clogged soil will block or slow down the dripping of water. What’s more?

Also, the water escaping the globe will block air from entering the globe. If the air doesn’t enter, the water will not dispense; hence weak vacuum forms. But when the soil around the neck dries, air will enter the globe and dispense some water until balance restores.

Moreover, the rate at which water empties from the globe depends on various factors, such as; temperature levels, type of soil, and water needs for the plant. But generally, the watering globes for plants last up to 14 days with the proper use.

Note: Self-watering globes are also ideal for outdoor plants. Even though glass watering globes are at a high risk of damages from weather, stones, pets, and children, come in handy for those plants that need steady watering. Sometimes, rain is not in the forecast, and you have to be away.

DIY Watering Globes

Why spend a penny while you can DIY plant watering globes on your own? Well, they are not expensive to buy, that’s one of the advantages of watering globes, but DIY is a fun project. Let’s get started.

What you will need;

  • Plastic bottle with a cap
  • Nail
  • Candle
  • Match
  1. Ignite the candle with the lighter or match.
  2. Heat the sharp end of the nail in the candle flame. The heated nail will push effortlessly through the plastic bottle creating the small holes you need.
  3. Jab 5 holes around the collar of the bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle fully with water.
  5. Fasten the lid on firmly and invert the bottle.
  6. Push the bottle in with the lid first, into the plant soil.

Note: You can use wine bottles with their corks to DIY own self-watering globe but with a nail and hammer to poke a hole through the cork.

1.     Kikiheim Self Watering Globes

Are you thinking of an ideal gift for your young farmer? Engaging kids to enjoy farming can be a fun project to keep them busy and productive. Let your young one have a mini garden to care for. The KiKiHeim self-watering globes will come to lift their spirits in their farming experience.


Since every child loves cartoons, these glass self-watering globes are cat cartoon themed to suit the character of your child.

The cat-themed watering globes will water your child’s plants for a maximum of three weeks. Each watering sphere holds 120ml, and they are a package of 3 orbs; therefore, you can travel as a family without the fear of returning to a dead mini flower pot. Read on.

The KiKiHeim self-watering globes are easy to set up. With proper guidance, your child will also learn to set them up effortlessly. In just three minutes, the watering spheres are ready and functioning in the soil.

Interestingly, the glass self-watering globes are transparent, allowing you to monitor the globes’ water level. Sounds pretty cool, right?


  • Easy to set up
  • Transparent glass for water level monitoring
  • Cat-themed attractive design
  • Durable watering for three weeks


  • The glass material can easily break and cause injury


The cat design caught the attention and interest of most buyers. It added an extra touch to the image of their indoor plants. Other than that, the KiKiHeim self-watering globes do a great job keeping the plants alive with stable watering.

2.     Georg Jensen Designer Watering Globe

The satisfaction of looking at your garden with awe is just out of this world. The Georg Jensen Designer Watering Globe will take you to the moon and back by just staring at it.


The elegant design of this self-watering globe catches the eye of anyone visiting your home. This beauty is an additional accessory to your gardening tools. The water flow inspires its functional design making it user-friendly. What’s more?

This globe has a magnificent stainless steel finishing that is rust-free hence durable. Your window sills will never look the same with this contemporary touch on them.


  • Stainless steel
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • Indoor plants accessory


  • Comes singly packed


One item is not enough, as most homes have several plants. It will cost you more to buy other separately.

3.     Alotm Plant Watering Bulbs

Who wants to keep running back to the stores for more self-watering globes?


The amazing PVC body is unbreakable and strong enough to penetrate the soil while inserting it. Also, the PVC material is transparent so that you can monitor the water level inside for a refill.

With the Alotm Plant Watering Bulbs, you can enjoy your time. These watering globes for indoor plants will take away the worry of under-watered plants from you. Besides, the ten packs are adequate to last your plants for up to two weeks. Read on.

You can use the Alotm Plant Watering Bulbs for your indoor, outdoor, hanging, patio plants comfortably. They are lightweight, healthy, and durable to last even in harsh weather conditions outside.


  • Clear to see the water level in the globe
  • Light in weight for any pot size
  • Strong anti-fall durable material
  • Ten pack to serve long


  • Dry out faster than expected


Most buyers complained of the high rate these Alotm Plant Watering Bulbs were emptying. It made them worry about being away for a long time.

4.     E-Kay Self Watering Globes

 Birds of a feather flock together.


This E-KAY Self, Watering Globes pack of three birds adds oomph and character to decorating your garden. It can also fit as the perfect gift for your mum’s favorite potted plant on mother’s day. What’s more?

The three little birds will water your plants for a maximum of 10 days without supervision. It is time to take that vacation!

Moreover, they are simple to use. Just fill the birdie watering globes with water and insert the long tube into the soil. The transparent glass material lets you see the amount of water present and when to refill. A small funnel inclusive makes it easier to fill water.

Last but not least, feel free to use the E-KAY Self Watering Globes with a variety of plants. From indoors, hanging, outdoors to patio plants.


  • Decorative design
  • Long-lasting self-watering system
  • Transparent glass material
  • Variety of plants usage


  • The tip is not slanted, hence clogs easily


The consumers agreed that these E-KAY Self Watering Globes are cute and decorative for their gardens, but the tip made it hard for the water to either come out or drained faster than expected.

5.     Blazin’ Bison Watering Globes

Imagine a world without color. Everyone prefers living in color.


This 4pack of Blazin’ Bison large watering globes come in distinctive radiant colors on each globe. They take up the decorative purpose as well, making your home brighten up. Colors just add life to any situation. Don’t you agree?

Rest assured of your plants being healthy even when you are miles away with the Blazin’ Bison blown glass watering globes. They will steadily supply water to your plants for an extended period of 2 weeks. No supervision is needed. With the easy to use process, just fill in water and flip the self-watering globe into the soil and go on with your life. What’s more?

A unique feature is that you get a 100% guarantee that this watering globe will work. If not, the manufacturer refunds your money back effortlessly.


  • Bright multiple colors for decorative purpose
  • Durable to serve up to 2 weeks
  • Easy to use
  • 100% lifetime warranty


  • Fragile


The Blazin’ Bison self-watering globes performed excellently for the buyers that left their plants alone for an extended period. The plants were healthy and alive after two weeks of home-alone stay.

6.     Evergreen Garden Watering Globe

Fish is for water, or water is for fish.


The unique and thoughtful design features a blue ceramic fish design to hold water. I mean, placing fish and water is thoughtful. It is such a beautiful décor for your home for everyone to see, and it does not fade. The sheen on the ceramic is there to stay.

The ceramic construction is strong and durable enough to trust having as an extra gardening accessory. It is easy to use as the refill allowance is open for you to monitor the level of water remaining. Read on.

Holds up to 12 ounces of water; therefore, you can leave the plants alone and go out on an excellent time stress-free. Consider gifting a friend this Evergreen Garden self-watering globe, and they will forever hold you, dear.


  • Decorative design
  • Anti-fade durable ceramic construction
  • Easy to use
  • Holds more water to last long


  • Ceramic is breakable


The Evergreen Garden watering globe for plants fishy design is a unique way to water your plants. Most consumers considered adding it to their gardening decorations.

7.     Wonderkathy Self-Watering Globes

Even the plants in small containers deserve to live.


With a turtle design for the self-watering globe, the small potted plants will enjoy steady watering in a unique, striking way. The water escapes into the soil automatically, so you do not have to babysit your plant. However, the level of water running is reliant on many factors to last long. Read on.

It is easy to use. Fill water into the turtle bulbs through the pipe opening and insert it into the soil. There’s a pack of two frogs or a pack of 2 containing a frog and a turtle. The choice is all yours.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time for babysitting a plant
  • Different layout to suit your preference


  • Does not hold water adequately


The attractive design caught the attention of most buyers, but it drains water quickly than expected.

8.     Blumat Plant Watering Stakes

Slow and steady does the trick, always.


The high-quality clay construction does it for everyone. It is unique, and the manufacturer did a good job making sure it functions correctly, holding water. As simple as it looks, the Blumat plant self-watering stakes will help you water your plant consistently as they thrive effortlessly. Read on.

With just 15 minutes of set up, you can use these watering stakes in any potted plant in your home. Whether it is for the outdoor plants, patios plants, or those by your window sills, these self-watering stakes are ideal to use all-year-round. Rest assured, even in the harshest or calmest weather conditions, these watering stakes for plants will still perform excellently.

If your plants can take care of themselves while you are away, what more could you ask for?


  • High-quality clay construction
  • Easy set-up
  • Usable throughout
  • Suitable for all plant types
  • Self-reliant


  • Requires a separate water reservoir


Even though the Blumat Plant Watering Stakes do an extraordinary job, the set-up is not as easy as it looks.

Buying Guide

The market has a way of exploiting the needs of people. With every need comes a surplus of options to choose from as a solution. Therefore, we have narrowed down things to scrutinize while buying self-watering globes. Such as;


Pay attention to the material of construction. Most self-watering globes are glass hand-blown, PVC, or terracotta ceramic. Consider the safety and durability use of the materials. The PVC is biodegradable, therefore, safe for your plants and the environment.

The glass, on the other hand, it is classy but fragile. Watering globes for outdoor plants would rather have PVC as their material because glass is easily breakable. In harsh weather conditions, pets and even children can break the glass hand-blown globes.

Spout width: 

The spout’s width determines the flow of water from the globe into the soil. The small spouts drip much slower and with less moisture compared to the big spouts. Also, dirt is likely to clog the small openings.

Conversely, large spouts drip faster and might overwater the plant. More massive spouts are for large plants in large pots. Large pots have better drainage of water and bigger plants need more water. The ideal spout measurements are 0.25-0.5 inches wide.

Tip: Tie a piece of cloth around the spout while inserting to prevent dirt clogging. The water will still drip into the soil through the clothing.

Size of the globe: 

Mini watering globes are for small plants, while large watering globes are for big plants. The size of the globe should match the size of the plant to avoid over and under-watering your plants. Also, the pot and type of soil’s can determine the size of the globe favorable for you.

Preferably, a medium-sized watering globe would be ideal and can last up to 5 days of self-watering.

Parting Shot

Watering globes are an ideal way to maintain your plants’ life when you are away. However, this self-watering system should not replace your routine manual plant care. If you are around, take time to water the plants manually as you observe your plants’ progress.

 Also, watering globes need to be clean. A colorful but dirty self-watering globe will not fulfill its decorative purpose. Moreover, remember to water your plants thoroughly before fixing a watering sphere and leaving.

Go ahead; take that long-awaited trip!