The Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrows You can buy in 2021

Best two-wheel wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows have been around since 200 AD. Ever since these handy tools were invented, carrying heavy loads in construction work and garden work has been a lot easier and effortless.

Originally, they had one wheel and a tub. And even though they were helpful in ferrying garden stuff, one wheel wheelbarrows were cumbersome as they required balancing. That is what made way for wheelbarrows with two wheels, also known as dual-wheel wheelbarrows.

These models are particularly effective when you have bulky items to move. All they ask from you is to fill the tub, lift the handles and push forward. That means less fatigue, less hand and back strains, and finishing the job much faster. Most of them have high pneumatic wheels, making them smoothly glide over rough surfaces.

The reasons you need a wheel barrow with two wheels may vary.  And you are in the right place if you are looking for the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow. We have reviewed for you the 7 best dual-wheel wheelbarrows in the market for both construction work and garden work.

Best overallWorx WG 050 yard Cart 8-in-1 All Purpose Two-Wheeled WheelBarrow

One feature that makes a wheelbarrow outstanding is its hauling capacity. The Worx WG 050 can hold 300 lbs of material, letting you do less rounds and tackle tasks much faster.

Having an all-steel construction, this dual-wheel wheelbarrow is among the sturdiest wheelbarrows in the market. It can, therefore, stand the 300 pounds without grinding to a halt.

The hopper has a volume capacity of 3 cubic feet that makes the 8 functions possible. That is, to work as a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover and trailer tote.

Even when carrying the bulkiest item, the wheelbarrow feels smooth and stable. This is due to the clever two-wheel placement design that shifts the centre of gravity to the most ideal place.

As for the lifting, this two-tire wheelbarrow features turbo lift technology which makes 200 pounds feel like 17! Consequently, you can work with it all day, shipping all sorts of heavy stuff, without feeling any hand or back aches.

The wheelbarrow weighs at 49 pounds with an empty tub. That might seem like a big figure but it’s really impressive for an 8-in-1 function wheelbarrow. The unit rolls on two flat-free tyres that give a smooth, steady ride without punctures or asking for inflations.


  • 8 different carts
  • Features turbo lift
  • Durable
  • Flat-free tires -no inflations
  • Comes with different accessories


  • The flat-free tires make it hard to maneuver
  • Users complained that it is heavy

The verdict

This is an all-round wheelbarrow that suits gardeners, businesspersons or anybody looking to move an item from point A to B. It’s ease of use and versatility makes it a worthy investment.

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart – Best tray capacity

If a 300 lb tub size doesn’t fulfill your needs, the Polar Trailer 8449 with its 400 lb capacity could come through for you. This is particularly a good fit for professional landscapers who find it inconvenient going for countless rounds. It can hold 7 cubic feet of material, from stones, to sand, to gravel, to firewood and much more.

The tub is made of polyethylene which guarantees years of use without rusting, cracking or rotting. It is mounted on an all-steel cart that well supports the 400 pound load.

And since 400 pounds is no joke, the unit rolls not on typical tyres but on 16-inch rugged wide-track rubber tires. These are not shaken even by rough, stony terrains and also make the wheelbarrow easy to push and handle. The wheels also have ball bearings which are shielded to maintain balance and a steady movement.

This dual-tire wheelbarrow weighs at only 35 lbs. It is also compact and you won’t find any trouble with storage. Installation is all straightforward and you will head straight to work in a few minutes.


  • A high-capacity hopper
  • A solid, sturdy construction
  • Rugged wide-track rubber tyres
  • Durable
  • Comes with  5-year warranty


  • The handle is not padded
  • Most parts are made of plastic

The verdict

This dual-wheel wheelbarrow is well-suited to professional land-scapers who have bulky items to ferry. Users say it is durable and effective, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow -Best Budget

When having smaller items to ferry around, a medium-sized wheelbarrow like the Garden Star 70019 could be the best choice. It has a hopper capacity of 250 lbs with which you can carry manure, soil, dirt, or anything you want to move. The tray is 8 inches deep, making it suitable for granulated material.

The dual-wheel wheelbarrow features a loop handle which not only makes it easy to push and maneuver, but also to balance and pour out the contents in the tray. It is, however, not padded.

This wheelbarrow will not give you trouble when pushing it on uneven landscapes. This is because it features wide inflatable tyres which are meant to withstand the roughest of terrains.

Weighing at only 20 pounds, this dual tire wheelbarrow will not become bulky even with the tray full. It has a robust build and is perfect for weeding, hauling and other garden related jobs. The tray is made of polyethylene to prevent rusting or wearing out.

As for the assembly, it has only 6 bolts so you can get it done in a few minutes. This wheelbarrow also comes with a pocket-friendly price tag.


  • Affordable
  • Features pneumatic tyres
  • Has a loop handle
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and handle


  • Not ideal for big jobs
  • Has so many plastic parts

The verdict

It is always recommended that you get the right tool for the right job. There’s no point in buying an expensive, overkill wheelbarrow if you are after all not a heavy-duty user. Get yourself the Garden Star 70019 which is cheap and will fulfill your needs.

Marathon Yard Rover 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Just like the Worx WG 050, the Marathon Yard Rover 2-Tire has a 300-pound tray. Even though it doesn’t offer 8 functions like the former, it is ideal for garden material and other granulated substances. Indeed, the hopper can hold manure sufficient for a whole acre! This tray is made of polypropylene instead of metal, adding on its longevity.

One thing that complements the spec sheet is the stiff loop handle. It allows you to lift, push and pour out the contents in the tray effortlessly. 

Unlike the Worx WG 050, this model glides on two high pneumatic tyres. Despite the harshness of the terrain, it will move swiftly without toppling or demanding much of your effort. And given that it weighs at only 25 pounds with an empty hopper, this is one of the easiest wheelbarrows to use.

Generally, this wheelbarrow has a simple design, with only a tub and wheels. For aesthetics, you can choose between a green and a black tub.

As for the assembly, it is a quick, straightforward process that takes a few minutes. With a crescent wrench and a flat-head screwdriver, you’ll be ready and all set for work.


  • A large hopper
  • A handy loop handle
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent maneuverability


The pre-drilled holes in the plastic bed do not align with those in the metal frame

The verdict

Without straying too far from the conventional wheelbarrow, Marathon have made a robust yet simple tool. If you are looking for a wheelbarrow to help you ferry manure or fertilizer to the garden, you can give this one a shot.

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

From electronics, to clothes, to gardening tools, we want compactness. The Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow has a compact design that makes it easy to store and handle. This doesn’t mean inability though. It’s tray can hold 330 lbs of material which any gardener, landscaper or homeowner will find convenient. As for the volume capacity, it can take 5 cubic feet of soil, rock, manure, mulch, and more.

This dual-wheel wheelbarrow boasts a versatile loop padded handle that allows for easy pushing and control of the wheelbarrow. The two-wheel design makes it stable and sturdy, while the 13-inch pneumatic tyres ensure that it navigates steadily even on rough grounds. These wheels, on top of that, make pushing, braking and maneuvering seamless. It weighs at only 26 pounds, making it one of the lightest choices in the market.

For durability and to hold the 330 lb material without encountering drawbacks, it has a solid, sturdy build. The frame is constructed of powdered steel that is rustless and unbreakable.


  • It’s storage friendly
  • Has a solid, sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Has a rustproof tray
  • A padded, effortless handle


Assembly is a bit hectic

The verdict

This dual-wheel wheelbarrow is recommended for heavy-duty use. It is also an ideal pick for you if you are having limited storage. That said, it’s a valuable investment.

Green Thumb 70008 2 Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow

The Green Thumb 70008 is yet another two-wheel wheelbarrow to help you in your garden work. It boasts a solid, sturdy construction that makes it suitable for professional landscapers. And since heavy-duty users require to move tons of garden material, it has a 300 lb tub. This allows them to work without having to refill every now and then.

Another feature that makes this two-tire wheelbarrow ideal for professional landscaping is the high pneumatic tyres. These wheels make the wheelbarrow stable and easy to push while also enabling it to withstand rough terrains.

This wheelbarrow also features a steel loop handle which gardeners will find handy and convenient. However, only Green Thumb can tell the reason why it is not padded.

Despite the excellent features and great build, it weighs at only 27.8 pounds. This means that it won’t feel so bulky even with a full tray. Plus, with the loop handle and pneumatic tyres, this wheelbarrow is among the easiest to push.

Generally, this dual-wheelbarrow is designed to last long. The all-steel cart makes it durable and the polyethylene tray cannot crack, rust or wear out.


  • A robust construction
  • Features a large tray
  • A loop handle that’s easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable


The plastic tub is prone to bending or snapping

The verdict

If you are a professional landscaper looking for a sturdy, durable wheelbarrow, here it is. This one is also backed by positive user reviews and comes at a pocket-friendly price. That said, it is a perfect pick.

Smart Garden SLC450 Dual Tire Wheelbarrow

If you are looking for a wheelbarrow that is unique and stiff as well, you could go for the USA-made Smart Garden SLC45O.

What makes it unique? It has an elegant, modern design that differentiates it from the other wheelbarrow. From the wheels, to the tub, to the handles, it is all black, giving it that noble, ready-for-work look.

And talking of work, it’s tub has a total capacity of 300 lbs which keeps the hassle of refilling at bay. This saves much of your time and energy.

Even better, the handle is a comfortable, ergonomic one that’s soft to the touch. It makes it easy to push and control the unit. And just like any other good wheelbarrow, it features some high, wide wheels that make it stable and keep it from toppling.

Constructed mainly of low-temperature poly material, this dual-wheel wheelbarrow will last years. Even when you leave it outside, no worries about rusting, cracking or wearing out.


  • A unique elegant design
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • A solid construction
  • A 300-lb hopper
  • Easy to push and maneuver


  • Most parts are made of plastic
  • It disadvantages tall people

The verdict

What we are all looking for is a handy tool that’s comfortable to use and gets the job done. That’s precisely what the Smart Garden SLC450 offers despite the few cons.

Factors to consider when buying a wheelbarrow

Tub size- The size of the tray differs from wheelbarrow to wheelbarrow. Depending on the intensity of your job, you can choose between a 200 lb to 400 lb tray. If your job doesn’t involve ferrying a lot of material, you can get one with a tray below 200 lbs. A 400 pound tray is always ideal for professional landscapers.

Sturdy cart- The cart is the frame on which the tub is mounted on. This part is very vital as it supports the load. While most of the wheelbarrows have sturdy, steel carts, others have weak, counterfeit ones that will break when you fill the hopper.

Be keen enough to get a cart that is stiff and durable.

Tires- A wheelbarrow can either have pneumatic (inflatable) or flat free tyres. For professional landscapers, pneumatic tyres are the most ideal. This is because they move steadily on rough terrains while also keeping the wheelbarrow stable. Since they are also wide and stiff, they lower the amount of energy required to push the wheelbarrow. However, they sometimes get punctured or require regular inflation, which can be an inconvenience.

Flat free tyres, on the other hand, never get punctures. Their biggest downside, nonetheless, is that they don’t perform so well on rough grounds. If you are not slow and careful, they might topple and spill out the contents in the tray. For that reason, they are not ideal heavy-duty users.

Tub material- Gone are the days when wheelbarrows only came with metal hoppers. Nowadays, a good number of them have polyethylene trays. These ones have the upperhand because they aren’t prone to rusting, rotting or wearing out. Also, they are much lighter than those with metallic trays. However, their durability depends on how you treat them. Leave them in direct sunlight and they will crack.

Handles- Handles matters a big deal because they determine how comfortable the wheelbarrow is to use. Loop handles are the best as they are easy to grip and they make the wheelbarrow light feel lighter. Much better if they are padded. Conventional handles, on the other hand, can be a bit cumbersome but are generally okay if they have soft paddings.

Assembly-  Given that most dual-wheel wheelbarrows come with parts disassembled, you’re supposed to put them together to make it functional. Again, ease of assembly depends on the type of wheelbarrow, some stressing you out while others will only take a few minutes. Get a wheelbarrow that’s easy to assemble or at least one with clear assembly instructions.

Storage- Due to their strange shape and size, dual-wheel wheelbarrows puzzle homeowners when it comes to storage. If you don’t have the luxury of space, consider getting a smaller wheelbarrow that will be a little stressful. Nevertheless, if you still need a big wheelbarrow, consider other storage options such as hanging it on the wall or from the ceiling.


Are dual-wheel wheelbarrows any good?

Dual-wheel wheelbarrows are effective because they are stable and don’t require balancing. Most of them are equipped with pneumatic tyres which enable them to move on rough surfaces and also make it easy to push. It gets much better if you get one with a padded loop handle. Dual-wheel wheelbarrows are by far better than single-wheel wheelbarrows.

Are dual-wheel wheelbarrows affordable?

Dual-wheel wheelbarrows are a bit more expensive than their single-wheel counterparts. That, however, doesn’t mean that they are not affordable. With as little as $70, you can get one off the shelf.

Which is the best tub material for a dual-wheel wheelbarrow?

It depends on your preferences. If you want a light wheelbarrow that won’t stress you out with rusting or wearing out, go for a plastic tub. But for sturdiness and durability, go for a metallic tub. However, it’s a bit heavier and you’ll need to store it safely to prevent rusting.

Are dual-wheel wheelbarrows durable?

Most dual-wheel wheelbarrows are designed to last long. Those wheelbarrows with an all-steel will last years even under harsh working conditions. But you can add on its longevity if you store it appropriately and undertake regular maintenance. Always clean the tub after use and store the wheelbarrow in a safe place. Regularly lubricating the wheels also noticeably adds on durability.

What is the perfect tub size for a dual-wheel wheelbarrow?

The size of the tub you choose directly depends on the intensity of your work. If you are a regular homeowner looking to ship things around your home, a 300-lb tub (or smaller) will work well for you. However, if you are a professional landscaper, go for something bigger.

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