Can You Replant Broken Aloe Leaf + [More Aloe Tips]

Can You Replant Broken Aloe Leaf

Having an aloe plant within your reach is lovely, especially when you know the plants’ benefits. For example, lightening the skin, relieving constipation, healing oral problems, and reducing weight. Moreover, you can still make aloe gel for drinking purposes. I mean, aloe is the kind of plant you don’t want to lose even a single leaf. 

Hence, you may want to get more aloe plants from a broken one. Can you replant broken aloe leaf, therefore?

You can replant a broken aloe leaf by propagating it – it shrinks, roots, and grows in a few weeks. Also, you can regrow aloe from a broken piece by drying it and later slightly burying it (a few centimeters) into the soil. However, don’t root an aloe in water as it rots before it germinates. 

This article discusses whether you can replant a broken aloe leaf, how to re-pot it, and if you should remove the damaged aloe leaves among other things. 

Can You Replant The Broken Aloe Leaf

Indeed, it’s possible to replant a broken aloe leaf. However, for a broken aloe to grow back, you need a well-draining potting soil — preferably, bark chunks, perlite, and lava rock. Better still, use all three for excellent results. 


How To Replant Broken Aloe Leaf

To replant your broken aloe vera leaf, quickly propagate the broken leaf. Although there are about 300 varieties of aloe plants globally, some with short and others with long leaves, the replanting process is the same:

  • Dry the broken aloe vera leaf
  • Prepare the pot 
  • Plant the aloe leaf and water it

Let’s discuss the above steps at length below. 

Step 1: Dry The Broken Aloe Vera Leaf

Trim your broken aloe leaf on a downward angle first and dry it for about three hours until it forms a thin layer on its upper layer. 

Based on the weather conditions, you may have to give it more time to completely dry. Better still, if you’re not in a rush, let it dry for three days to have the best results. This makes the leaf about eight cm long.

Step 2: Prepare The Pot

Have a good pot with draining holes and fill it with either bark chunks, perlite, or lava rock (or all). Take the broken aloe leaf and dip it ⅓ way into the soil, making sure the damaged side faces the ground. 

Add water into the soil but just to moisten it. Aloe plants don’t need much water. Plus, putting in excess water destroys the broken leaf by making it rot, thus never developing roots. Even so, if you want to have the roots grow before replanting the broken leaf, dip it in cinnamon. 

You dip the leaf in-ground cinnamon to accelerate the rooting process.  If not, consider inducing it with honey or root hormone.

Step 3: Plant The Aloe Leaf And Water It

Now, if your aloe leaf has no roots yet, water it until the soil gets moist. Wait for about 30 days for the leaf to shrink as well as shrivel. This is a sign that the leaves are now developing. You can now take the plant to an open place where there’s sunlight.

At this point, water once a month — enough to keep it moist. If growing the plant indoors, ensure there’s enough warmth to dry the water to prevent root rot. 

Can You Replant Aloe Vera Without Roots?

Absolutely, you can replant aloe without leaves by potting it or using offshoots that grow near the aloe parent. 

Below is a step by step guide to regrow an Avera without roots:

Choose the Offshoots and Separate Them From The Parent Aloe

Choose the offshoots of about ⅕ of the aloe parent. For good results, only choose those with approximately 4 leaves. 

Using a sterilized knife and being extra cautious not to injure the root system, separate the offshoots from their aloe parents. 

Prepare the Pot

As is the case with an aloe leaf that has roots, choose a good pot with an excellent drainage system. Add a mixture of bark chunks, perlite, and lava rock. If you can’t afford the mixture, use any of the three. 

Plant the Aloe Vera Without Roots

Remember, the aloe vera has no roots. So, to have the roots grow, dip the leaf in honey. Alternatively, dip it in cinnamon. A rooting hormone would also be ideal. Now, plant the aloe with the side you applied the rooting hormone (or whatever you used) facing down. For good results, only plant the leaf at least ⅓ into the soil.

Again, water it until the soil is moist.

Place the plant in a good environment – a warm place with good lighting and some sunlight. 

Should I Remove Damaged Aloe Leaves?

It’s advisable to remove damaged aloe leaf as this allows the plant to stay healthy and grow better. Here’s why. When you cut off the damaged leaves, you save the rest of the plant from pests and disease infections that would otherwise cost you a whole aloe plant. Besides, the healthy leaves now get better lighting and enough sunlight, which would otherwise have been blocked by unnecessary leaves.

Even so, care is a necessity when cutting the damaged leaves as it’s easy to damage the healthy ones. A knife or blade would do an excellent job. A pair of scissors, too, is okay.

What Can I Do With Broken Aloe Leaves?

What if you don’t want to replant the broken aloe leaf, can it be of help? Aloe vera leaf has many benefits, and there is so much you can do with it. The benefits range from weight management to hair loss recovery and healing of oral ulcers.

Skin Uses

Aloe leaves contain pigments that nourish, exfoliate, and treat the skin. You extract the gel from the leaves and apply it gently to your skin several times. You will notice how soothing and cooled your skin will be. 

Moreover, if you have a minor cut, wounds, or burns, the aloe vera gel burns and quickens the healing process. 

Again if your skin is sensitive, take the aloe juice, some yogurt and cucumber juice, and little rose oil — blend them. Apply them to your skin and leave it for about 20 minutes until the skin sensitivity goes away.

You can wash your face after that.

Oral Problems

Mouth ulcers and canker sores are prevalent in many people. They are painful and appear under the lips lasting for about one week. However, the good news is that aloe leaf works wonders on them.

Only cut small pieces of the leaves and apply the affected parts at least three times a day. Also, you can blend the leaves. Drink the juice at least three or four times daily. The bacterial infection stops within a few days and the pain disappears, too.

Reduce Weight

It is possible to reduce weight by drinking aloe juice. Aloe juice enables the body to burn fats by boosting the body’s metabolism. 

Also, vitamin B found in aloe facilitates the burning of fat. So, drink a glass of aloe juice regularly to have the best results.

Hair Fall Solution

Aloe contains a proteolytic enzyme responsible for repairing dead cells on your scalp. Also, you can condition your hair with the leaves gel to make it strong and elastic.

Moreover, it has a chemical equivalent to keratin responsible for preventing hair from breaking. Aloe lead also improves hair growth.


Latex is the yellow under skin pigment found in aloe leaves. The pigment has anthraquinones which have a laxative effect on the body and relieves constipation. 

Dental Issues

Bleeding gums and tooth decay are some of the most common teeth problems. Aloe juice has antibacterial properties, enabling your gums and mouth issues to heal fast and preventing more decay.


Can I Root Aloe In Water?

Not unless you want to lose your aloe leaf, rooting aloe in water doesn’t work – it makes the plant leaf rot. Though it may take a couple of days, planting an aloe leaf in the potting soil is much more effective in making it root. 

Can You Propagate Aloe From A Leaf Cutting? 

Yes. You can propagate aloe from a leaf cutting. Reproducing aloe isn’t a difficult task. After your leaf has formed roots, you move it to the growing area and continue to give it good care. The propagated leaf-cutting eventually grows into a complete plant.

Can An Aloe Plant Heal Itself?

No, an aloe plant won’t heal itself. You need to remove the dead leaves manually. Also, once you cut an aloe leaf, it won’t grow back. Nonetheless, the cut leaf paves way for new, healthy leaves. That is why you need to be careful when removing the dead leaves so as not to cut the good ones.

Can You Break Off Aloe And Plant It? 

Yes, you can break off aloe and plant it. However, you need to dry the leaf first for about three days. After that, find a pot and soil it. Plant the aloe upside down in the soil and put water. Finally, place the pot in a warm place. 

Final Thought

Can you replant the broken aloe leaf? Yes, you now know it’s possible to replant the broken aloe leaf, and it’s incredibly easy. 

Nonetheless, for great results, use the right soil, add enough water to moisturize the plant so as to root, keep the plant in a good environment and accord it the right care.

Once the plant is fully grown, remove any dead leaves to allow fresh ones to grow and to minimize any possible chances for pests and diseases to spread.