How Long After Hydroseeding Can I Fertilize

How Long After Hydroseeding Can I Fertilize

With increased environmental concerns, people are more open to finding alternatives to keeping their grounds and lawns safe from erosion or land digression. One widespread solution taken up is hydroseeding. 

Hydroseeding involves planting seeds mixed with mulch on lawns and other open grounds. Because the seeds come in a slurry of mulch already, the main concern people have before using is how to apply fertilizer. 

People’s central question is, how long after hydroseeding can I fertilize? You can apply fertilizer four weeks after planting hydroseed. The best fertilizer to use is one rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. It takes about three weeks for the hydroseed to germinate. 

There are other considerations to know before starting hydroseeding. Read on to find out. 

How Long After Hydroseeding Can I Fertilize

The waiting period for applying fertilizer after hydroseeding depends on whether it’s your first application or a consecutive one. It’s preferred to wait 4 to 5 weeks after hydroseeding if it’s a consecutive one. If it’s your first fertilizer application, spread it at least ten days after hydroseeding. 

Additionally, consider using a fertilizer rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus helps the seeds germinate faster. 

Follow up with a fresh fertilizer every eight weeks once the grass grows. The following fertilizer should be nitrogen-rich. Nitrogen encourages green top grass growth. 

Making sure your seeded hydro lawn is well-fertilized reduces the chance of weed growing. Also, use a fertilizer with a slow-release formula so you won’t worry about frequent weed pop-ups. 

What’s The Best Fertilizer for Hydroseeded Grass?

If you are applying starter fertilizer, use products rich in phosphorus that come in powder form. Powder from fertilizer is slow-release. Therefore, it keeps your lawn weed-free longer. 

As the seeds start to germinate, use water and granular-based fertilizer. They should have a balance of phosphorus and nitrogen. 

How Long Will it Take for the Hydroseed to Germinate?

It takes about three weeks for the hydroseed to germinate. However, this is dependent on the care throughout the growing period. With proper fertilizer and water application, the time may shorten. 

The hydroseed also typically comes with a mixed grass seed variety. Different seeds have different germination periods. Therefore, consult your local agricultural expert to know which seeds you’ve purchased and their growth periods. 

Also, remember that mixed seeds mean meticulous care regarding fertilizer application. 

Why Do I Have Weeds on My Hydroseed Lawn After Applying Fertilizer?

You have weeds on your hydroseed lawn because your topsoil may have contained weed seeds that you overlooked. Therefore, the fertilizer helped them grow. This is common if you’ve applied fertilizer that’s nitrogen deficient. 

The temperature and season may also be the reason you have weeds. Weeds typically like warmer temperatures. Therefore, you’ll likely have weeds growing if you’ve planted your hydroseed and fertilized in warmer seasons.

How Do I Deal With Weeds After Applying Fertilizer to My Hydroseeds?

Pull out or trim weeds you notice growing on as your hydroseed germinate. Since fertilizer already has chemicals, avoid using more chemicals to remove the weeds. 

Hydroseeds are very sensitive in their germinating periods. Additional chemicals may stunt growth and make your lawn patchy. 

Also, while using the pull-out method, add fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen encourages top growth that chokes weeds and kills them. 

You can also scrap your grass and expose more soil to the sun to dry off the weeds. However, you’ll need to keep sections with the hydroseed nice and thick. Thick lawns discourage weed growth. 

What Should Hydroseeds Look Like After Two Weeks of Fertilizing?

The fescue seeds should be germinating after two weeks of fertilizer application. Your lawn may look patchy and dry, so continuously spread the fertilizer and hydrate the soil. 

You may also notice weed growth. Since the seeds are still in early stages, aggressive weed-removing chemicals may stunt growth. Therefore, pull them out by hand or gently move your lawn if you notice weeds growing. 

How Much Fertilizer Do I Need for Hydroseed?

You’ll need 0.7 to 1.0 lb of fertilizer for your hydroseed. However, the amount of fertilizer required before germination is different from after the grass starts to grow. Stick to the figures mentioned in the first eight weeks of planting your hydroseed. After that, gradually reduce the amount and concentrate more on mowing your lawn and keeping the growing grass watered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hydroseeding?

  • There are dyes used on the lawn which may be unattractive to the eyesight
  • Takes even 8 weeks before you can see any growth, but this may vary 
  • Only suitable for areas with good wearing systems as you must water your hydroseeds frequently
  • It’s a high-cost exercise since most people have to hire hydroseeding companies

How Can I Prep My Hydroseeds Before Adding Fertilizer?

To prep your hydroseed before adding fertilizer, remove any unwanted material on the topsoil. Unwanted materials include rocks, fallen leaves, weed seeds, and pull out any weeds present. Properly turn your topsoil to open up the air spaces and water your soil. 

After that, add the fertilizer and turn your soil again to ensure uniformity and aeration. 

How Can I Keep My Hydroseeds From Drying Out?

Churn your topsoil if you notice your hydroseed drying out after applying fertilizer. Mixing up the topsoil allows for aeration and proper mixing of the fertilizer. Sometimes, the drying occurs because one spot has more fertilizer choking the seeds. Therefore, make sure you’ve added fertilizer uniformly. 

Don’t overwater to remediate the situation. Instead, use the sprinkler method every fortnight on your hydroseed. Overwatering may rot the seeds. 

How Long Can Hydroseed Go Without Water?

Hydroseeds can survive without water for a minimum of 11 days. Too much water leads to their roots rotting and impedes germination. Although they require water to germinate, use a sprinkler irrigation system to avoid oversaturating the soil. 

Can I Add Fertilizer Before the Rains?

Yes, you can apply fertilizer to your hydroseed before the rains. Safety from corrosion depends on your chosen mixture of seeds and fertilizer. 

However, don’t plant hydroseeds and fertilize if you’re expecting heavy rains. Heavy rains may choke them since the hydroseeds don’t need much water to germinate. Additionally, heavy rains are likely to carry away your seeds and fertilizer. 

Can You Fertilize Over Weeds?

Yes, it’s possible to fertilize the seeds over weeds. However, your seeds won’t do well, and your lawn may look patchy. Since the weeds steal nutrients from the hydroseed, they won’t grow as green. 

Therefore, while growing hydroseed on top of weeds is possible, we advise against it. Mow your pull or pull the weeds out before planting your hydroseed. 

Applying fertilizer to weeds also makes them more toxic. The toxicity may affect your hydroseed and you and your family once the grass grows, and you start walking on it. 

Is Spray Fertilizer Good for Hydroseeds?

Yes, spray fertilizer is suitable for hydroseeds. It’s excellent if you don’t want to step on little seedlings to reach far spaces on your lawn. 

Also, spray fertilizer ensures you apply uniformly throughout the lawn because the spritz reaches all the seeds equally. 

Why is my Hydroseed Lawn Patchy?

Your lawn is patchy because you didn’t spread fertilizer uniformly. If your application concentrates on one side of the yard, only one side germinates. 

To remediate this problem, dig up the topsoil, mix it well throughout the lawn, reapply fertilizer, and water your hydroseeds. While digging up the soil, take care not to damage the grassroots. 

Additionally, you don’t need to apply the same amount of fertilizer as you did initially. Since the soil already has fertilizer, it’s better to spritz fertilizer on the churned soil. 

What Care is Given to Hydroseeds Before and After Planting?

Before planting your hydroseed, make sure you’ve cleared your lawn and removed any weed seeds in the soil. Also, ensure the season is best for their germination. Hydroseeds grow best between September and October. 

After you’ve planted them on your lawn, apply the appropriate amounts of fertilizer and water to improve their growth process and get the right color of green. 

If you notice weeds during the early stages of hydroseed growing, don’t use harsh chemicals to remove them as this may scorch the seeds. 

What are the Disadvantages of Adding Fertilizer to My Hydroseeds?

Adding fertilizer to your hydroseeds may make the soil too toxic. Since the hydroseed comes mixed with other forms of mulch, adding fertilizer may saturate the soil with chemicals. Although fertilizer is needed for the seeds to germinate better, it’s vital to be keen on the amount you add. 

Can I Walk on my Lawn when Applying Fertilizer on my Hydroseeds?

Yes, you can walk on the ground as you apply fertilizer. However, be careful not to step on the seeds and drive them deeper. 

The ground might be too tender to walk on if you saturate your soil with water or fertilizer. Therefore, consider applying liquid or granular fertilizer. These two types don’t require a close contact application. It takes away the stress of wondering where to step while using. 

Wrapping Up

Most landscapers prefer hydroseeding because it grows faster than regular grass. However, there’s more technicality tied to ensuring proper germination. Because the most common issue we hear is wondering how long after hydroseeding can I add fertilizer, we hope this short article helped you find your way around the query. 

While fertilizer is excellent for promoting seed germination, it causes scorching if applied in excess. Therefore, check out the recommended amount above or consult with your landscaper.