Best Self-Watering Pots for African Violets

best self-watering pots for african violets

Who wouldn’t want African Violets gracing their compound with unique beauty? The gorgeous fuzzy violet petals in the small structures make this plant a favorable choice for most gardeners and homeowners. In bursting your bubble, African Violets are not as easy to care for like most other plants.

That is why basic needs like water are significant to consider, hence the need for the best self-watering pots for African Violets. Like other plants, the right amount of water will enable healthy growth, not too much or too little.

Thanks to the self-watering pots, caring for your African Violets beauties becomes a breeze without worrying about going wrong. Fortunately, this guide has several ideal options to help you settle for one that meets your needs.

Read on.

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Choosing Self-Watering Pots for African Violets

In a market packed with plenty of options, it would be best to make a perfect choice. Therefore, a buying guide will help you pay attention to the essential features that are a must-have in an ideal self-watering pot. Besides, no one wants to waste money shopping for something that will turn out impractical.


Self-watering pots for African Violets come in various materials to choose from according to your preference and needs. However, it would be best to stick to the below options for better results;

Clay Pots: Although they are not as attractive as you would wish them to be, they are very porous. This ability makes them an excellent choice for your African violets to drain the water.

Plastic Pots: Preferably, if you opt to get a plastic pot for your African Violets, make sure you get one with a saucer bottom. This way, it will adequately drain the water as long as you leave water in the base of the plant.

Ceramic Pots:  Also, it is porous and comes with a saucer bottom. Better still, a ceramic pot is pretty and comes in several colors, which adds a touch of aesthetics to your garden space.

Self-Watering Options

Among the best and most features to look for in a planter pot is the self-watering ability. This way, your watering schedule will be prompt without the need for your interference. Also, this works better for a busy person because you won’t need to water manually frequently.

Moreover, self-watering helps in solving issues like overwatering or underwatering. It works much better in preventing more damage to the plants like root rot and flooded roots.


Ideally, lightweight self-watering pots for African Violets make the best choices. They are easy to carry around to different locations when you want a change due to personal preferences or growth conditions. However, if you opt for heavy pots, you will most likely experience a hard time handling them.


It would be better to determine the amount of water your planter pot can hold. Better still, a pot that can save a lot of water is ideal to avoid the troubles of watering daily. However, this will also depend on the size of African Violets you have in the particular pot. Besides, a small plant would look hideous in an enormous pot!

Let’s see several reviews for the best options of African Violets self-watering pots.

  1. Maryland China Company Self Watering Planter with Spout

This blue self-watering planter with a spout qualifies as an exceptional and attractive African Violets’ pot. The construction of hand-glazed ceramic makes the appearance eye-catching.

It is critical to understand that the color of different pots may vary because of the hand-glazed construction. This way, you will have a one-of-a-kind pot that will also heighten the appearance of your African violets.

Because it is a self-watering pot, it consists of an inner and outer pot. So the size is 3.75″ for the internal opening, 7″ for the external space, and a total depth of 5.75″ for the main pot holding the African Violets.

Remarkably, this ideal size makes the outer pot hold adequate water that can last up to 3 weeks, keeping your plants alive. This creates a favorable option when you are far from home or want a self-watering schedule.

Fortunately, you can also use this planter to grow other plants that love a moist environment, like the African violets; for instance, Peace lilies, Swedish ivy, chrysanthemums, Christmas cacti, asparagus ferns, and more.


  • Maintains prolonged moisture for plants
  • Holds water for three weeks
  • Attractive design
  • Spout for draining water


  • Water in the reservoir leaks to the inner pot, easily keeping the plants extremely wet.
  1. Atri African Violet Ceramic Self Watering Pot

Atri pot is among the top choices you have when choosing the perfect pot for your African Violets. It comes comprising of a 2-part design to guarantee steady water supply in the potting soil. This way, your potted African Violets will never run out of water even when you are away.

Better yet, the unique self-watering mechanism saves you the tiring routine of frequent, rest assured that your plant will not suffer health-related conditions due to under or over-watering.

Besides, it is colorful hence eye-appealing to many people. Therefore you can lift the appearance of your home using this pot as a decorative item.


  • Self-watering encourages root strength
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile purpose
  • Works for many plants
  • Lightweight


  • Ceramic is delicate
  1. Azalea Plastic Nursery Pots

Remarkably these Azalea plastic nursery pots will work best for both your indoor and outdoor plants. Better still, they are perfect to use in professional nurseries.

One of the best advantages of these nursery pots is the ability to recycle use. So, you can even clean them between uses as much as you need to use them. Besides, this is convenient enough to save you unnecessary expenditures in getting more pots.

Because they are plastic, they will protect your plants even though they won’t disintegrate into most parts of the soil. Also, each has eight drain holes at the bottom to enable better water regulation to plants in a way you could not accomplish by yourself.

Moreover, if you wish to buy many, they come in the bulk of 13 or 50 packs.


  • Reusable as many times
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor
  • Protective plastic material
  • Comes in bulk
  • Proper water drainage
  • Ideal for nurseries


  • Pot rims tend to crack easily
  1. DeEFL Self-Watering Planters Plastic Plant Pots

Undeniably, DeELF beats most of the Africa Violets pots in the market. Why so?

Incredibly, it features water injection holes on the internal plastic. Therefore with these holes, you do not have to detach the inner pots when watering your plants. This ability is time-saving for you between watering schedules.

Moreover, this pot has a structure of premium quality materials that are long-lasting. Better still, the material is environment friendly, so rest assured of no harm coming to your plants’ way or the environment.

Well, buying wisely brings value hence three pots for one price from the manufacturer. What will you do with three pots? Luckily, it works as a decoration agent as well. So, it is also money-saving!


  • Self-watering ability
  • Water injection hole convenience
  • Premium quality
  • Versatile design
  • Money-saving


  • The casing is somewhat flimsy
  1. MyGift Store White Ceramic Planter Pots

Just as its name, MyGift pot is a perfect gift for a new homeowner or gardener.

Unlike other pots for African Violets in the market, this ceramic planter pot consists of small holes underneath. These holes are for draining excess water hence avoiding root rot from attacking your beauties. Also, the holes allow adequate air circulation to the potting soil for the plant to grow healthy.

Another advantage is that you can use this pot for other purposes hence making it versatile. For instance, you can opt to use it as a decorating container for home decors, among others. Besides, they come in a perfect size, so you can do many options for what you can do with them.

Fortunately, the manufacturer is generous to give you two pots for the price value of one. This way, you save a lot on your budget.

Remarkably, these pots feature saucers which protect your floor from dirt and wetness that can be damaging.


  • Versatile purpose
  • Value for money
  • Prevents root rot
  • Protects floors


  • The attached saucer makes draining excess water a challenge
  1. T4U Self Watering Planter Pot Set

The T4U is a self-watering planter pot set with a deep-water reservoir beneath the main pot.

A self-watering system allows the soil to take in enough water when necessary naturally. This way, the ground will not take in excess water when it doesn’t need causing flooding to the root system of your African Violets. Fortunately, this system will not require your constant need to water your plants but once or twice a week, according to your plant’s needs.

Also, a cut-out in the pot’s side will help you fill the water supply without lifting the main pot.

Ideally, this 4-pack is better for indoor plants so that you can arrange them anywhere you like inside your home.

The planter also allows a suitable balance between water intake and oxygen in the root zone.


  • Maintains moist soil for two weeks at most
  • Convenient watering schedule
  • Impressive gift design
  • Appropriate for indoor decoration


  • Thin and fragile
  1. Mkono African Violets Pots

If you are looking for something that will boost the watering system for your African Violets, this Mkono self-watering planter pot is a great choice.

As a self-watering planter, it comprises an inner and outer pot. The external pot acts as a reservoir holding water to feed your plants for some time when necessary.

Remarkably, filling your outer pot as required will give your plants water for a maximum of 10 days. The water reaches your plants using a wick rope that sips gradually, which is safer than much water at once.

Therefore the company warns against exceeding the recommended water level of below 0.4″ in the inner pot. Failure to sticking to this caution will cause the dangers of flooding your violets which can even be fatal.

Fortunately, you can use these pots for your indoor and outdoor plants.


  • Suitable indoors and outdoors
  • Self-watering ability
  • Safe material
  • Decorative design
  • Stores excess water


  • Hard to tell the level of water
  1. Window Garden Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter

This Window Garden Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter Pot comprises several colors: yellow, black, green, wine, charcoal, ivory, and even chartreuse. Also, each color option comes with either a smooth or matte finish. This way, you have an easy time searching for a suitable color design to match your home decor.

This planter pot is also self-watering. Better still, it comes with a water level indicator that will enable you to water your African violets and other indoor plants correctly. With this indicator, rest assured of no issues with over or underwatering your violets.

This way, it reduces the risks of causing problems like root rot. Remarkably, the self-watering system eases the hassle and worry of watering your plants frequently.

Also, the aquaponic system helps to create a balance between water and oxygen in the root system. The system also includes fiber soil which enables you to plant immediately after purchase instead of running up and down gathering all your supplies.


  • Precise plant watering
  • Prevents root problems
  • Creates a balance of water and oxygen
  • Contains fiber soil
  • Easy and elegant design


  • Has no place to hold; hence transporting can be an issue
  1. FENGZHITAO African Violets Pots

This 3-pack FENGZHITAO self-watering planter is 4.13 inches in size and perfect for your African violets.

Fortunately, these African Violets pots are sleek yet straightforward in appearance. This way, they make a perfect fit into any home or office space regardless of the décor present.

As a planter pot with a self-watering mechanism, it features both an internal and external pot. With the outer pot being the water reservoir, it would be best to fill it up with water to avoid daily and tiring watering schedules. Besides, you could travel out for work or vacation if need be and not come back to dead plants.

Better still, the outer pot reservoir is large enough to hold water that can feed the plants for up to a week. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

However, if you plan to go away for an extended period, please note that you should not overfill this reservoir to serve an extra period. This is because you will highly risk overwatering and flooding the plant, causing problems to the root system, which is often severe.

Furthermore, its construction is of nontoxic national standard PP resin material. Apart from being safe, the pot is also sturdy enough to work without easy breakages.


  • Self-watering
  • Stores excess water at the bottom
  • Safe material
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Stylish and simple design


  • The wick is too thick and of poor quality
  1. Granite Style Ruffle Shaped Self Watering Ceramic Planter

The Maryland China Self-Watering Ceramic Planter is not just for African violets, but it is also a unique pot for many other plants.

Thanks to its self-watering option, this planter features an inner and outer pot. This way, the outer pot holds water that keeps feeding your plants for some duration without your intervention. So, you can travel and not worry about watering your violets with this ceramic planter for up to 3 weeks.

Conversely, the innermost pot is porous hence absorbs water from the outer pot when the need arises.

Better still, the pot is short and wide and has an attractive glazed finish. In detail, this pot features a granite-style finish. This means that it consists of a stone-like pattern instead of a smooth, constant color.

Moreover, every pot is also hand-glazed to have a one-of-a-kind appearance unique from the previous one.


  • Self-watering
  • Attractive and unique
  • Ideal size
  • Grows most plants
  • Holds enough water


  • It seems expensive to most people
  1. Vanavazon Self Watering African Violets Pots

Last but not least on the list, Vanavazon is still another unrivaled African Violets pot.

Topping most of the competitive African Violets pots in the market, this one comes with a double-layer design. In addition, it features a vast water basin at the bottom of the planting pot. This way, it holds adequate water to give to your plant roots via wick ropes when necessary.

Remarkably, the water reservoir is a transparent material that helps you check the water level for refills.

Most gardeners would enjoy the best part because Vanavazon comes as three modern designed pots for one cost. Better still, these pots are multipurpose, making them practical to use for several things in your home, especially if you have few African Violets. For example, you can also plant other potted flowers around your compound or indoors to add more life and color for a better appearance.


  • Multipurpose design
  • Price value
  • Easy to refill with transparent reservoir
  • Holds adequate water


  • Separating the top and bottom layers needs extra force, which can also cause breakage.

Bottom Line

The above selection provides the best self-watering pots for African Violets with in-depth reviews to make your choice easier and of value. Despite your needs and preference, rest assured of a favorable option herein. This way, you are ready to plant your African Violets safely with no worries of survival.

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