Toys for a Blue Heeler Puppy That He/She Won’t Lose Interest In

toys for a blue heeler puppy

Do you want to buy toys for Blue Heeler new pup? As playful as a puppy, I’d say, and Blue heelers’ pups are no exception. Usually, Blue heelers or (the Australian cattle dog) are a bundle of energy. This high-spirited breed of dogs is also intelligent. When they’re idle, they may end up destroying you furniture, shoes, or even destroying your yard.

By the way, if your puppy has destroyed your yard, I have some practical ways to fix it in this article – How to fix a yard destroyed by dogs.

Consider getting your Blue heeler’s puppy toys that will stimulate and maintain its cheerful and sound nature. However, not all toys are great for a puppy to enjoy and keep. From the type of toys to size and other elements, be cautious about scrutinizing its likes to avoid getting bored with the toys after 5 minutes.

This article will expound more on toys for a Blue heeler puppy. Read on.

Types of Toys for a Puppy

Because Blue heelers are always active, so they prefer to tug toys, puzzle toys, and chew toys. Their energetic nature can destroy toys in minutes, so durability is crucial. Look for toys that will last even though expensive rather than replacing cheap toys every so often. Toys for a Blue Heeler puppy should be like;

Puzzle toys: Have several, if not one, puzzle toy for your pup. These toys stimulate and challenge your dog’s I.Q. They can either be physical toys or electronic games that train your furry friend coordination and grow their instincts. Also, puzzle toys will boost your Blue Heeler’s desire to go for what they want. Occupying your pup’s mind will inhibit it from wandering elsewhere in search of activity.

Tug toys: These toys are perfect for playing with your pup. It is good to engage your puppy in tug games as they chase, twist, and pull, which helps them physically. Also, they fulfill their need to act and do something. Luckily, they can play tug toys with fellow dogs or even alone.

Chew toys: naturally, a dog loves to chew and bite things. Because we don’t want your pup biting on delicate stuff around your home, buy chew toys that control its biting urge. Besides, it is safe to bite on a toy rather than a sofa or your child’s foot.

Chew toys have different shapes and designs. They can be bones, rings, animal shapes, sticks, and even ropes. Since some dogs are heavy chewers than others, chew, toys are likely to damage regularly. Therefore, buy many chew toys to replace the damaged ones easily and quickly.

Tip: Buy different types of toys for your pup to engage in various activities at other times. This way, they will hardly feel bored and dull.

Buying Guide

As active dogs, Blue Heelers feel the urge always to do something. Therefore getting them toys is ideal for maintaining and boosting their playful nature in different ways. Apart from the type of toys, there are other things to look for when buying toys for your pup. Such as;

Material: Nobody wants to rush to the store every day to get a new toy for their pup. Look for a durable material for the toys to save on your time and money in replacing them repeatedly. Also, look for one that is comfortable and safe to play with. For the chew toys, look for a chewy material, like rubber.

Size: look for a toy that suits the size of your pup. You can’t give your puppy an oversized toy to enjoy. The puppy will see the big toy as an obstacle and avoid or get aggressive with it. A sizeable toy will enable your pup to feel safe and free using it. Get a toy that your puppy will quickly get it in the mouth.

Age: what age or stage is your puppy in? is it teething, not yet, or past it? A puppy has soft and fragile teeth, so it’s essential to look for toys that are not hard to damage their teeth. If your pup is teething, look for a more rigid material of toys and several of them since the bite will be persistent. Once the puppy passes the teething stage, look for more rigid but indestructible toys for it to enjoy.

1.     Puppy Rope Toys

Teething puppies enjoy strong ropes to chew on, and this four-pack will be comforting for your little furry friend to enjoy, whether inside or outdoors. Allow your pet to become lively by gnawing on these washable and eco-friendly cotton ropes. The natural cotton material is easily washable to prevent gum diseases and avoid plaque build-up.

The beautiful and cheerful colors will boost the mood of your puppy as it plays with the ropes. The knot design is for strengthening the teeth and gums of your young dog. Also, the tough knots give your pup challenging but fun hours of play and chewing. These rope toys are safe and robust to last an extended period of fun play for your pup.


  • Attractive design
  • Strong and durable
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Healthy for teeth and gums


  • Shredding thread a choking hazard

We recommend these puppy rope toys for teething pups up to 3 months. Why? This is because puppies of that age are not aggressive chewers to pull out strands of threads from the ropes. Besides, this is a safe and excellent substitute for your rugs.

2.     Kong – Puppy Toy

Get this all in one play toy for your puppy. The KONG – Puppy Toy is ideal for chew, chase, and fetch games for your little furry friend. Whether your pup is feeling active to run around or just lay on its favorite mat and chew, this puppy toy will match its desires.

The soft puppy KONG rubber is safe and unique for only the delicate puppy teeth and gums. Moreover, if you feel like gifting your little buddy, you can stuff the KONG – Puppy Toy with easy treats and snacks. Allow your puppy to reach for the snacks inside while chewing. This will stimulate its brain to solve that problem and win the goodies.

Lastly, the bounce effect is unpredictable, which makes it fun to fetch. Engage your puppy in some physical activities and let it run around, trying to fetch the puppy toy in different directions.


  • Soft rubber material
  • Stuffing enabled
  • Chew, chase and fetch features
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Tricky choosing the right size

We recommend this KONG – Puppy Toy for puppies but with a low appetite. Why? This is because of the stuffing feature. You can stimulate your pup’s appetite by stuffing snacks and treats in for your puppy to feed on.

3.     SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy

This is a behavioral toy aid for comforting and training puppies. Just like kids, puppies can also give you sleepless nights and tend to whine and bark all night. However, some of these negative behaviors may result from fear, anxiety, or transition to a new home.

The SmartPetLove snuggle puppy will help reduce stress from your pup by using the real feel pulsing heartbeat and a heat pack. This combination will calm and appeal to your pup’s instincts. Also, it is machine washable on a gentle spin.


  • Soft and soothing material
  • Real feel pulsing heartbeat and heat pack
  • Machine wash


  • The nose is a choking hazard

We recommend this SmartPetLove snuggle puppy toy for those with one lonely dog in the house. Loneliness can make dogs feel sad and stressed; hence a ‘friend’ toy to snuggle and hold will be a perfect company even while on vacations with family.

4.     Nylabone Puppy X Bone

Just like kids, puppies too have pain and discomfort while teething. The Puppy X Bone helps ease the pain of teething in puppies when chewed on. When the puppy is chewing, the Puppy X Bone helps in cleaning teeth and refreshing their breath. The soft rubber is flexible for the puppy to chew from any angle of the x bone.

The beef flavor keeps the puppies glued to the X Bone and avoids chewing on you or the sofa.


  • Beef flavor
  • Soft and flexible rubber
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath
  • Eases teething pain


  • Beef flavor not as strong to entice the dog

Because we understand how uncomfortable teething can be even for puppies, we recommend this Puppy X Bone as the best to relieve that pain.

5.     Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Game 

Exercise your pup’s mind and body to enable problem-solving skills through play. Just fill the dispensing ball with your pup’s favorite treat and then hand it over to your dog. The robust and easy to clean surface makes it fun to play both indoors and outdoors. What’s more?

As a level one puzzle game for your pup, it is an ideal way to stir up its interest in more advanced puzzle games as it grows. The puzzle ball also acts as a bond strengthener as it is comfortable for you to play with your pup and have fun together.


  • Stimulates problem-solving skills
  • Useful outdoors and indoors
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong material
  • A perfect introduction to puzzle games
  • Lightweight


  • Rolls over the floor

We recommend this puzzle game to kill boredom for your puppy. The problem-solving urge will keep it occupied and active.


Puppies and kids have two things in common; they are adorable, and they love to put things in their mouths. Therefore as a pet parent, it is your role to train your pups to enjoy and be comfortable with the ideal toys. Look for toys that will not hurt them but fun and educative to use.

Go ahead, spare your boots and socks, and get toys for your Blue Heeler puppy to enjoy and play.

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